UPDATE: [Xbox] Hotfix (31.05.2018)


will that be the last change to support beams? it gets frustrasting to have to rebuild my bases everytime you guys change numbers on them, lost 2 maprooms, not counting placebles,thralls and other stuff to this change. they provide no real support to anything at all now, how do you want us to build now, pillar halls, pillars everywhere to just have a little bigger base then standard size? pillars also take several minutes till they add up to supporting structures


This makes things so unnecessarily difficult and tedious. Makes going to the Cartographer almost a trial of patience and tedious.


Also when we get warpaint fixed can we get gaseous orbs able to be thrown


Fixed for single player mode, but still persists in online mode.

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Food still works, Why should you be able to use 3 things to heal in combat lol Food is enough. I dont want it to be a Battle of who has better heals. Like come on think out of the box will ya.

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I was on my server (the one I play on, not my own) before the patch hit and have been lucky enough to avoid most of the crashing issues. I noticed the pending patch so I quit to update out of excitement over my thralls having more than half health and the potential remodeling that I could do. However, since the update, I cannot seem to play the game anymore, I keep loading the world to be kicked to main menu right before it is fully loaded (approximately 90ish%). I have tried the various and sundry workarounds to no avail. I do see others on the server, and it has updated.
Edit: Now there are no players in the server, have talked to a couple and they are having same issues
Edit #2: 24 hours later I can log in to my server. Hosanna!!!


Thank you for the Thrall fix… I can now sleep easy knowing all 24 of my named archers and fighter thralls geared in flawless heavy can keep my base safe… (and keeping them safe from other players)

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What about the light armour journey bug?


Would be nice to try out new patch if your garbage game didn’t crash every time 8 try to log into single player or online

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why does partial nudity no longer work after this patch it just doesn’t do anything at all whether I select none or partial…


Glad to see the removal of the stability with those diagonal support beams without warning and leaving a sudden, giant gap straight into my base.

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I am not seeing the new purge setting “PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier” on my server settings. Server shows updated today at 11:12 so i am assuming it is up to date.


After checking this Update i see not much worked to be fixed :-1:

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After patch everytime i log into official server 30 seconds after loading in the game crashes.
Tryed restarting console
Playing single player 1st
To no avail online game in broken for me now
Edit : joined a different server was fine … after that my problem was fixed :blush:


I cannot equip anything off my wheel. No weapons or tools. I can still equip armor. I have made new weapons and they dont work either. I have restarted my console and done everything i can think of short of recreating my charecter or deleting the game from my console.


It’s not allowing me to update the patch it froze at 15%


not liking the the healing nerf on healing wraps ect nerf to much its barely recovers health


Yep just like it should be in a survival game.


Depois desse patch meu jogo não funcionou mas,pois já fiz de tudo manda ai uma correção rápida

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Hi brillant game my partner who was playing single player at lvl 42 reported that after the update her character was killed at her base on re spawning there was no body and all the items which were being carried had disappeared to her distress is this a result of the new patch? She also mentioned when getting to shore after swimming the character hovered above ground until a weapon was drawn…this seems to be the only issue weve so far had that wasnt manageable are we the only ones having this problem…it was fine prior to the update