Xbox Hotfix (14.6.2018)

Patch Notes (14.06.2018)

We’re rolling out a quick update to the Xbox version with a couple of crash fixes and some files to prepare the game for when we roll out the DLC.

Patch Notes (6.6.2018)


This hotfix will fix up some minor crash fixes as well as fix server browsers so they populate as normal instead of idling for a couple of minutes. Thanks for your patience!

Patch Notes (5.6.2018)


Hey everyone! We’re rolling out a new Xbox hotfix to take care of some pressing issues. This fix should allow you to use warpaint again and make sure dodging works as intended.

See below for the full changelist.

Xbox build 98820/18068

  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get a notification when joining a full server
  • Fixed an issue where you would dodge on the spot when locked onto a target
  • It should now be possible to use Warpaint again
  • Fixed an issue where players could give themselves infinite stamina while running towards the camera

Are you sure it will work this time :joy:.


9 gig for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: keep on the good work guys

Thanks guys! Keep on working! Please fix the thralls the need to be more aggresive and attack your enemies and other hostile Players. Please fix the Elephant and rhino. Always inside the animal during a melee fight.



Game says cant play there is a patch…Game hub shows no patch…so…twiddles thumbs

Hard reset your console.

Gotta love no server announcements and just getting kicked straight outta the game.


We’re working on adding sitecasting to the game :slight_smile:


Nope that didn’t do it.

Hey Jens_Erik, why haven’t I received my conan armor code yet? I was in the preview.

Sweet! Thanks for another timely fix! I am loving this game!
My only complaint is that when locked onto a target the character seems to be looking at the ground? Not up at the actual target. Can’t see the targets health bar. Also the roll feature rubber bands in combat…

Still my favorite game!

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I think that’s a Microsoft Problem

That’s on Microsoft. They told us they’re working on distributing tickets to Game Preview owners.

We rolled out a fix for the rubber banding right now, but if it’s still happening please let us know. We’re also working on optimizing the target locking :slight_smile:

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What about derketo priests? I know it’s a small thing but not having the light bar at the level 3 shrine is annoying.

If War Paint is fixed, how is it applied on the Xbox?

?- Inventory - Press A to select and select body location?
?-Put in hot wheel and somehow apply?

Is it either War Paint for the body location or armor? Meaning can the character apply war paint and wear armor simultaneously? I would not think this is the case, but I wanted to check.

Lemurian Priests are in the game, but their spawn rate is very low. This will be changed in a future patch :slight_smile:

You place it in the hotwheel and select it the same way you select any other item/tool/weapon :slight_smile:

Does that mean it is reusable or is it a one time use?

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wait the priest are in the game??? where the heck is that???

It is a one time use. War paint that increases your attributes disappear after 1 hour. Cultural warpaint (for decoration) disappears after a day (I think, I’m unsure about the number).

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Rubberbanding fix is there too? (I hope it works) -

But is that Warpaint working with spoil rates or has it some other possible modifiers?