Upgrading Animal Pens (and similar structures) question


So, my wife and I are pretty new. She wants to upgrade her animal pen, but doesn’t really want to fuss with destroying the old one and trying to place the T2 pen in the exact same spot. She hasn’t tried to do anything with this upgrade yet. This question precedes the upgrade attempt:

Can you place the T2 animal pen in the same spot at the T1, so as to “upgrade” the pen in the same way you would upgrade a foundation, wall, etc? Barring that, is there any way to upgrade these types of structures without the placement hassle?

We are assuming no, and that she’s gonna have to do it the hard way. I love how temples upgrade, and wish you could upgrade other structures in a similar fashion.


I believe you have to destroy the T1 pen and then place the T2. They don’t upgrade like a foundations. But correct me if i’m wrong.


No and no, unfortunately.

You’d be correct. For what it’s worth, they did mention wanting to go in the direction of “in place” upgrades for all sorts of structures (crafting stations et al). But if, how, which and - perhaps most importantly - WHEN is not known.


Pens are ,technically, crafting stations. All crafting stations have be be destroyed.


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