US PVE-C Exiled Lands... The C in the PVE-C seems to be deactivated

There are no PvP or raid times set up on the PVE-C server.
I’m not so worried about randomly PVPing someone, but there are a TON of abandoned bases on the server, particularly around my base location that I’d like to blow up during raid times, but -as I said- there are no raid times set up, so I must exist in a picturesque location that’s covered in broken down old foundation mountains that were built, then broken into seemingly at a time when raids WERE active. Not even anything left to loot. shrug

Request: Can we have PVP/Raid times set up so I can do some trash clean-up?

Thanks, team!

The public beta servers are closed.

PvE-C doesn’t have raid times.


It’s PvE-C, not PvP.

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