[USA-E] [PVE-C] Uncrowned Gaming [1xXP 2xGR]

[USA-E] [PVE-C] Uncrowned Gaming [1xXP 2xGR]

We are a friendly Gaming Community stretching through numerous games. Our playstyle in Conan Exiles is highly building/content driven, which PVP peppered into the gameplay. Our server has Drop Items On Death and Anyone Can Loot Body. Characters remain in the world on log out. PVP Building DMG is Disabled, while PvP is open. No trolling/repeat killing is allowed, as PvP should be generally consensual and not used for griefing. We all want to have a good time!

Crafting time as well as Thrall Conversion times are reduced. Combat and Crafting XP rates are set at 2x to slightly balance them out with rate at which XP is gained from completing Journey Milestones.

Server Name: Uncrowned Gaming
Server IP:
Discord: Discord.gg/hz4YTvN

Mod List:

  1. Glass Constructions and more…

  2. Unlock Plus (with Pickup

  3. Fashionist

  4. Pippi - User & Server Management

  5. DyeMoreBetterer

  6. Greater Camera Distance

  7. Personal Dyes

  8. Emberlight