Using the tab key

Hey guys, now that tab is bound to inventory I can’t figure out how to get info on building pieces. I’ve looked through the patch notes but I can’t find it. Can you help me out?


Unfortunately it seems they didn’t move that function to another key so we have to use a repair hammer to view that info now

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Wow, really? My inventory needs more and more stuff to carry around. Weapon, bow, arrows, sandstorm mask, pickaxe, water skin, bedroll, repair hammer, construction hammer, arcane staff, skinning knife, sickle, healing potions, bandages, torch and bindings … And my character is not even carrying a backpack. Not a fan of this change.


Neither am I
I forget to bring one I’m so used to being able to hit tab and see all a structure’s info

Yeah it’s a decided QoL downgrade - less functional too, as it can be hard to check stability in some places where you have to climb to reach (can’t use hammer and climb at the same time).


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