Is it still possible to TAB to see buildings HP / stats? PC

Update 3.0 changed input settings - is it possible to set somehow to check Building HP / stats by pressing TAB like it used to be?

Is there some setting we can put into input.ini?

Is it only possible to check building status by holding repair hammer or im missing something?

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I thought if you rebound inventory to I you could still do it the old way, but I could be mistaken.

Nope, i just checked it multiple times.

I wonder if they completelly removed it?
I bet there’s some experienced PVPers that could share some info (:

They may have completely removed it then. Perhaps they felt that needing a repair hammer was the way it should be.

Well im fine with that but i wish some devs could confirm that @Community

It changed at 3.0, so I would look in the patchnotes for 3.0 to see if it’s mentioned along side the inventory tab moving.

This is one of the first posts on the subject post 3.0 release to testlive, and you can see the solution was liked by funcom staff and marked as the solution.

There’s nothing in patch notes.

Sorry but Jimbo is not reliable source of information for me as there’s no source (how he knows that?), what if some PvPers discovered a way to enable it by adding value into input.ini settings? If its possible i want to use it as well, if its not possible then its fine too.

Like Darth said, it was listed as the thread solution by Funcom.

As for the source, it was a discussion in Beta. Using Tab for that function was an unintended function of Tab (a bug actually), and was wiped out when they redid the hotkey functions when Tab was set to default to inventory.

Its not likely coming back because it was a bug to begin with and would take a bit more effort to bring it back than taking it out. There’s no .ini function for this. But the devkit is an open download to anyone if you want to use that to take a look. Hot Keys and their hooks aren’t hidden from there to my knowledge. Wish you luck if you go that route.

If that were possible, when its intended to be disabled, that would fall into exploit territory and anyone mentioning it in the forum would be in violation of the terms.

It was not accepted by funcom as a solution but original topic poster did.

Anyway what You are saying right now makes sense to me so i kinda can accept its not possible but still any word from funcom wouldn’t hurt (:

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It’s Multigun’s LBPR that brings the functionality back, you’re probably using it :slight_smile:

I think I just heard him talking about it actually… I haven’t actually gotten to play the game in awhile.

Same here. I’d like to hear from Funcom about why this was removed. I do not accept the explanation that the original functionality was a bug.

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I’m curious: how do you know? The “accepted solution” mark can be set either by the original topic poster or someone with sufficient privileges, like a community manager.

As for the original question: I haven’t been able to find any string in the binaries that could be bound as an action in Input.ini. I’ve looked quite thoroughly, but it’s always possible I missed something. My bet is that it’s gone for good.

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Even if community manager marked that as ‘solution’ without a word it may mean problem is kinda solved but nothing deeper about it was said.

During our beta testing for 3.0 we inquired about the Tab function since Tab was selected to be the default for inventory (an idea I didn’t agree with, gave my piece on, but was not related to this issue). When others asked about seeing the HP of a building with it, it was stated that the functionality was intended to be on the repair hammer. When asked if it could be moved to another key and kept in, they said they had already removed it with the changing of Inventory to Tab and that it wasn’t going to return.

Jimbo was apart of that conversation. So what he said in the linked thread is correct, if a bit succinct.

To be honest, I don’t miss it, and I mean that in the most sincere way. I didn’t know the ‘feature’ if we can call it that, existed. So I never really got to use it before its removal. I always used a repair hammer and never saw it as a mappable function in keybindings (cause well… it wasn’t).

So it seems like it was a deprecated feature or debugging thing that somehow got left in and then five years went by before they got around to ‘fixing’.

You do have the option of using a mod (Lessing Building Placement Restrictions has it) if its that important for you. But as of now Funcom wants those playing the unmodded game to rely on the repair hammer to get said information. You can ask for it back, just do so knowing its been tried. Wish you luck if you go that route.

So it’s what I thought. Like renaming Events and Testlive, they are trying to be more like a “normal” dev team, wherein it’s currently the thing to have Tab work as the Inventory key. IOW it was removed without thought of any repercussion or effect.

Dear Funcom, I’d like to have Building Details back as a mappable key. Thank you.


Likewise. It seems inefficient to need to carry and wield yet another item to inspect my wall. Does the repair hammer have a magnifying lens or something to help me see the details in the wall’s structural integrity, as well as the owner’s stamp?


I think i have better idea:

Put all 3 tools in one tool (Construction Hammer):

  1. Building / removing building pieces like Construction Hammer normally does
  2. Repairing with desired key (middle mouse button for example)
  3. Checking Stats

That way we wouldn’t have to carry 2 different hammers for building purposes but yeah being able to bind key to see stats would be nice too.