Is it still possible to TAB to see buildings HP / stats? PC

Again, I think you have a winning argument with the construction hammer being the new combined repair hammer. It serves the purpose of having a tool needed for repair, which requires a slot, and since its introduction makes thematic sense as what you would repair with (to be able to build would also imply to be able to fix).

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If there’s a door, we can see these details, because they’re published by the UI. In the game world that exists, we should therefore each have the ability to see the level of decay, ownership and damage amounts without the use of a tool. The only thing I don’t agree on is Stability, which should be consigned to a hammer.

Fundamentally though, why remove a UI element that any reasonable barbarian should be able to use in the wilds?

Well, to be fair to @Wielder , I doubt he wanted it changed. He would probably be happy with a reversion. His suggestion though accounts for the conscious change by funcom for their reasons and at least in my opinion, is a reasonable combination of the new restriction that would at least mean you didnt have to carry yet another hammer. His suggestion is practical and again, in my opinion, stands a lot better chance of implementation than a reversion because Funcom had their reasons for the change, knowing how people used the old tab option.

In your opinion, Funcom had a reason for the change, and were cognizant at all of how people used Tab.

In my opinion, Funcom has demonstrated a general misunderstanding of the ACTUAL playerbase, and instead takes its counsel from a group of people who don’t really play the game like a PVP player does.

I won’t talk out of my wheelhouse, so I’ll leave PvE server players to their own commentary. I can however say in common ground, from a TOS enforcement standpoint, removing this UI element was a step backward.


From a PVP sense, you shouldn’t be able to inspect enemies’ building status to that degree. That function should be replaced by damage decals that appear on the building as it takes damage. Such as cracks and splinters.

I’d like the decals, just like I’d love to see actually decaying campfires. It made sense to hold Tab because any person in the Exiled wilds or Siptah could deduce these things sans tool. You can also do it whilst climbing, which is something you can’t do with a tool. It’s just a bad choice.

No its not my opinion that they had a reason; they had their reason. We can argue about whether it was a valid reason, but it is a fact they did consciously.

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Greetings Exiles!

Thank you all for your feedback and for reaching out to us. It’s not possible to edit the input.ini to reintroduce the TAB key to its original use. Our team decided to change it mostly because it wasn’t “rebindable” or available for gamepads.

On Pc, as some of you have mentioned there’s a great mod that makes it possible to continue to use it as it was.

We know not all changes will please everyone, but we hope you understand our decision in the long run.


It always hurts when someone takes our toys away, even if it’s for a good reason.

Also, the existence of a mod is no more useable for console users than the Tab key was, so it’s not like equality of platforms was greatly improved here either.

Binding a potentially very important function (checking decay timers) to an otherwise limited-use tool simply feels like a suboptimal solution, and I would request you consider other options. I understand the Tab key isn’t coming back for technical reasons, but a more accessible solution would be very welcome.


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