V1.04 as a non-default branch on Steam

Leave the current v1.04 as a non-default branch in Steam (game’s properties --> betas) - ‘Vanilla’ - branch, or something like that. I’d love it will be fixed as a pre-dlc updated one. Thank you!

What would be the reason for having that?
The DLC is a separate game mode and things that works different in that game mode; like being able to sell items, is not gonna affect the normal game.

There are bug fixes coming too in the same patch. But I can’t see why you wouldn’t want bug fixes :slight_smile:

Just for the history-comparing pleasure! You see, the Devs won’t upload anything for that… It’s very simple for them… I even think if they could also announce the v1.0 aswell? I bought the game later than it’s out and really want to play and compare all of these branches.
Devs, can you please add the 1st ond the 4th ones as branches? You also may apply some code to activate them… Thanks a lot!!!


Devs, are you here at all?

Hey @PaulNevada,

We won’t roll out older builds as branch options on Steam. The latest version is what will be available to players.

But, why - can you answer me, please?

Can you offer me a chance to play the all the old public branches covered by a passwords (private betas) - please? You even don’t need to re-upload the content.
I know they’re quite bugged (may be)… For me it’s very interesting to compare them!

For example, I’ve just found out that you made the Demo Game for the pre-orders:

Would love to be able to dive in the one aswell!

The demo is the game content up to and including the Sea Titans map, and was included as reward for pre-ordering the game.

The reason we’re not giving players access to previous versions of the game is because we don’t see a reason to do so.

The reason for me - the differences in balancing, for example. The Sea Titans map isn’t presented in the base game?!

We understand your curiosity, but it’s not going to happen.

I got it. Guys, you just push us up for the torrents searching in that case… (((

Please refrain from using torrents or any other kind of alternative installments.

There is no corporate or technical reason - compatibility with mods (as an example), assertive bug tracking - which the developers currently see to be worth opening them up for.
The reason you are providing is personal, there should be a significant number of people to who this is useful for a reason.
Leaving older versions open may require a minimal amount of additional support and communication for said versions to work properly.

tldr; Could you try naming a reason for it, from which more people could benefit?

I do believe it worth nothing to the (game) devs at all to let the beta branches be alive - especially covered via passwords.

To be on the same page, ‘passwords’ is how the author phrases the way they are locked/hidden to the public. None of the developers actually need a password and I think they did not do any closed beta with steam keys. They don’t mean they want them to be open and covered by passwords. How did you interpret this?

Edit: okay, I thought I was replying to another person. odd.

Every/any old branch would be simply activated by the dev in Steamworks - no need to re-upload.