Valentine's Celebrations - February 12 - February 26th

Valentine’s Celebrations begin February 12 through the 26th!

Don’t miss out on your free claims:

  • Envelope with a Valentine’s card - Free for all, 1 per character
  • Sweet Leet Chocolates - Free for all, 1 per character
  • Sealed Tin of Mint and Liquorice Valentine’s Candies - Free for all, 1 per character
  • Nophex 30 Printer: Love Edition - Free for members, 1 per account

And the following seasonal items are available for sale in the shop:

  • Phasefront Classic - Elmorado
  • Cherubic Quiver
  • Heart-Shaped Shades
  • Play Costume - Naughty Underwear

Qi Qiao Jie has returned to the major cities, and has brought his gifts and delicious treats, for either yourself or a loved one. Claim these through the Item Store, or seek out this love-fueled Yutto.

Adrienne Lefebvre is someone who has dedicated her life to finding and fostering love wherever she goes, even in the war torn world of Rubi-Ka. During Valentine’s Celebrations, she will be returning to Borealis, giving everyone the opportunity to spread joy and happiness around to those who need it. Seek her out and reap the rewards from aiding her in her virtuous mission.

Thank you everyone for joining us for our Valentine’s Celebration!

…wait, what’s this?