Happy Valentine's Day to every Hyborians

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who have shared Hyboria with their love, those who have trampled on this land with them and those who in Hyboria have found their love and a wish also to those who believe in love but who are still looking for their own, good luck


That is great! I needed that…

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Nice! Well done, man. :+1:

Screenshots of AFTER, please.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: after? Zujilin smoking cigarette?

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I will be frank, kinda disturbing it its own way considering that with their similar names, it looks like bro and sis are hugging. Lol, kinda funny from my point of veiw.

Well, going back to what i was going to say, bith me and my Conqueror are alone, so it is extremely sad that the only thing we wil do on this valentines day is keep on grinding. Man, if only i had a Kaeira as a battle companion…at least my char wouldn’t be alone D:

It is much easier to find couples with the same name (Jamie Lynn Spears & Jamie Watson, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner etc.) than brothers with the same name (whose parents should be reported).
The original name is mine, a nick that I carry with me for years, her choise was a lovley tribute to me. In any case, good luck to your conqueror in finding his Kaeira

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My sweetheart jumping to my arms after a love session in HV.


Isn’t there a PvP vendor that sells a “Cimmerian Assassin” pet? :smiley:

First thing i hear. Or was that a joke.
If it wasn’t, is it even Kaeira as that pet. And is that pet for combat?

It is not a joke. Is a pet sold in armory for PvP tokens

Combat pet?
And is it actually Kaeira??

Her name as pet is Untamed Cimmerian Assassin.
I think she is combat pet, not sure 100% because i dont have her!

WTF until this morning was me your sweetheart :rofl:

Holy shot!!! Ok, 2 questions, screw whether she is combat or not.

  1. Where is the merchsnt located. I MUST KNOW ASAP!
  2. Whats the token cost to get the lady??

The vendors are in the PvP armories in every major city, she costs 200 victory tokens which you get from the PvP events (though I am not sure how you get them there).

500 victory tokens and 10 golds, she is the most expansive

Dammit. That is way tok much. Any other way to get those tokens??

Ffffffffffff…thats bullocks. I see why she costs 500 tho. Legendary makes it worth it. Problem is, the pvp aspect of the gamd i find quite not enjoyable due to the community and stuff, so it poses a few problems.
It would be nice tho, if someone, like a mod or someone who owns her, could check if she is indeed a combat pet or not. That would be automatically extra value to her.

Where is the pvp vendor in tarantia? Same as r1-3 gear?

There are green dots on the map that show the spot, in Tarantia it’s behind the trade post at X:996 Y:685.