Valkyrian Gaming (VAM) Server Universe

Valkryian Gaming is pleased to announce the official launch of our Legacy Server PVE UNIVERSE
Interlocked maps of Exiles, Siptah and Savage Wild

Server Name Valkyrian Legacy Explorative PVE AoC/VAM/EWWA
Direct Connect IP :
Player Slots : 70 on each server
Server Location: EU English Required
Mods Used: Steam Workshop::Valkyrian Legacy Explorative PVEKOD VAM/AoC/EEWA
Discord Link: Discord

5x Harvest
4x XP
Clan size 6
Fast respawn rates and improved tame rates
Shorter night with vote options to change time of day. Keep on death.
Basic starter kit available.
Fully activated market
Expanded waypoint transportation system
Pippi’s /sethome, /home, /return and /warp portal activated even while encumbered.

Legacy is the culmination of years of official VAM servers joining into one universe with the settings and mods most enjoyed by our loyal player base. It is also the next evolution for Grindhouse, our sister server who’s melding together with us. Legacy is built to provide a more consistent and seamless gaming experience with teleportation between Exiles, Siptah, our daily raid hoard server and Savage Wilds. Mods are chosen to maximize your building and esthetics while focusing on stability first.

Legacy is a relaxed server, here to provide worlds of entertainment and kinship. Trust, communication and sportsmanship are the pillars of our unity. Play and speak as if you have been invited into someone’s home. Respect the guidelines that allow players with a full life to play hard without having to play every waking moment. We all have a life of work, kids and hobbies.