Valuted ceiling tiles are usless

Unless you are building boxes with nothing but right angles vaulted ceilings are completely useless. There have been multiple threads about the missing wedge vaulted ceiling tile with no response from Funcom, so I guess the take-away is they just don’t care.

a lot of things are missing
even though I don’t really understand which wedge exactly you’re talking about
maybe this part is on page 80726 of things to do :thinking:

ArsGothica has some in his Granite buildset mod. They are pretty neat, but can be a bit complicated.

I would love for vaulted ceiling (squares and wedges) to be done as a pasthru upgrade on sets.

@arthurh3535 Thanks, that may help. The vaulted tiles are awesome, you can build these claustrophobic passageways but the minute you have to angle off from straight you lose the whole look and feel because there’s no option. Again thank you, I’ll take a look.

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