Vanity / Social Combinations & Ideas


Shanzul, Necromancer

Head: headdress of the hell walker (caravan / UC demo/necro boxes)
Chest: incursion shroud (main system)
Hands: deathplams gloves (main system)
Legs : twilight legging (random unbound blue drop)
feet: boots of the hell walker (caravan / uc boxes)
Belt: deep night belt (random unbound blue drop)
arms: vambrace of hell walker (caravan / uc boxes)
shoulders: summoner straps of prestige (from Flame HM I think)
dagger: the infernus of dagon (t3)
Talisman: token of torment (Iron tower)


Shazirya, BS

This set has mostly green stuff pieces so I can’t give exact translation as I don’t have english version of the game
Head: Green loot from vanirs in conall’s valley
Chest, legs, boots and belt are from crows / rats quests in common district
Cloak: Cloak of munin (AOK)
2HB: T2 BS 2HB

Zbeldia, TOS

Chest: black ember robe (haunted forest group instance)
hand: corybantic gauntlets (haunted forest group instance)
feet: blacksulfur slippers (atzel’s fortress)
belt: black ember belt (haunted forest group instance)
arms: black ember wrists(haunted forest group instance)
Staff: Dang Pa (sacred weapons quest)

I also like this version with a different helm (plumed helm of divinity from Iron Tower) and Shield and sword (boneharbor from AOK nm, Jawbreaker random unbound blue)


I might have an idea on your boots problem on barb. Faction boots of shadows of jade? They brownish and bolder. Plus they very rare since not many ppl care leveling jades to max :sunglasses:

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That’s a really good idea, I didn’t think of that! Once the servers are back up I am definitely going to check their boots out!


One necro took the cannibalism vanity a bit to far


Head - barb t6
Wrists - t5 barb set
Belt - T1 rangers armor
Chest - t3,5 pom / tos / barb chest
Legs - Acheronian vanity set obtainable via Gilding Tokens
Boots - Same as legs
Shoulders - t6 barb set
Hands - Slayers world boss drop
T4 sword + T6



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T5 DT set
Chinese Rice farmer hat - Gilding Tokens - Outcast Mage set
Acheron Helm from Xibaluku i think