Vanity / Social Combinations & Ideas

An open thread to post your vanity sets & weapons!!!

A typical screenshot or anything with clear quality would qualify to be appropriate for this thread.

  • Advertise your vanity equipment that is also for sale, get your name out there!!

Show us true AOC Fashion!!

– This would also be great for individuals wanting to purchase certain sets for gilding tokens and would like a preview before they do so. :smiley:


These are my most favourite sets that I collected and combined:

My PoM:

I tried to go for a persian-like outfit for this character with lots of golden jewelry and this awesome skirt from T3.5. The chest piece is from a T3 vanity cache and I thought that it went well with the skirt as well as the T4 Dragon king wrist and hand pieces. The necklace with the blue gem is actually from the head piece that this character wears.
I also used a skin tone changer on this character as you can see.

My ToS:
Very similar to the first set though I tried to go for a more egyptian looking style (the helmet reminds me a lot of the Nefertiti Bust), the white skirt and the T1 ToS parts went well together I thought because they are more simple compared to the T3 and T3.5 parts I used in the set above, I also tried to highlight the light blue parts in it by using the T4 healer set at the shoulder since the skirt and the chest piece got the same color in it too.
I wish I could use a different belt but sadly there is none for female characters, I know of one that would be perfect but that can only be used by male characters (guild city senator set, it got a white cloth belt bound around the hip).

For both characters I use these 2 vanity weapons as they fit the theme of golden jewelry very well in my opinion:

Next up is my Barb:

For this character I went for a Amazon-style from Diablo 2. When I played Diablo 2 a year ago I realized that the chest piece I had on my Barb looked very similar so I tried to recreate the armor of the Amazon here in AoC as I didn’t have anything fitting for my Barb yet. It turned out better than I would have expected though I would still like to have different boots that look a bit heavier but in the same color scheme (sadly there are none). I also wish I could access the 900 days membership reward “Crown of Aquilonia” as this would fit extremely well I think but I am barely at 300 days now so there is no way I will ever get this item.
The chest piece is a very old thing from 2011 I think and it’s not available anymore for some reason.
As vanity 2 handed weapon I use this one:

I would love to show some more of my sets on my ToS and PoM but I can’t do this right now as I can’t unequip the cloak since it needs a guild renown rank and I don’t have a guild at the moment (so I would not be able to equip it again).

Also regarding vanity weapons, on my HoX I am using this one:
I think this weapon has the most unique design in the game, I really love it.



I am most amazed by seeing this post as it is both a good start and great information for people to see :smiley: !

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That is the closest to a realistic greatsword model I’ve found. The handle is a bit poor though. It’s a Bloodsilver Bastardsword (lvl 50 craft). For dual wield I use Swiftsilver Broadsword and Bloodsilver Broadsword (lvl 50 craft).


Awesome ensemble with the barb - I have this dark brown leather chest piece on my barb, too, but I never found a bottom part quite fitting. The shape of the lower part of the chest is tricky. What boots are those? I think of Zephyr…and I agree, some closed boots would balance the style (combat boots showing toes - I will never understand this - short fight: “jumps on big toe - instant win”).

Also, love the lion belt (the only good fitting belt I know either) and the delicate tie in of the same blue colour at the ToS. Really nice outfits!

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Thank you! :smiley:
Yes, the boots are from the level 39 - 69 ToS / PoM Zephyr set and that’s exactly what I thought too, combat boots with open spots where the toes show are a little…inconvenient to say the least ^^

Ok, one more set I want to show off:

This is my BS:

I liked the green theme of the armor that the Conarch guards wear though I didn’t like the chest armor they had so I tried to go for a more warrior-like part. The set consists mainly out of 2 sets, Crow Feather (pants, belt, wrist) and Beastfury (chest, shoulder, helmet), I also use the green Vanaheim cloak as it has the same green color at the back and the squirrel / badger fur part around the neck which looks fitting for a cimmerian character (Pls don’t hurt me PETA).
The boots here are some generic ones from a low level trader but they are better suited to this overall “rugged” theme than the Crow Feather boots.
I am not 100% happy with the wrist parts, I am still kind of searching for ones that are better closing up with the gloves though overall I like how this turned out.


I’m using wolf purple set with t2 blue helm on my Conq. As well as my 2 swords are pretty typical lvl 50 green broadswords. Gsword is a realistic Gsword as well.

Ah yes, I don’t use capes as well. Too much clipping.

broken oar
Conan’s movie’s father mode on
This, you can trust!
Conan’s movie’s father mode off

try the shaman chest from sanctum, it fits well with this theme too :wink:

This is WAAAY Glorious…I am in Awe of such amazing vanity :star_struck:

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This is my assassin giving it a spiky warrior feel, I might be squishy BUT YOU CAN’T SURVIVE ONE HIT FROM MY NEEDLES OF TERROR

  • Vanity Included:
  1. Armour - Cache of the master of puppets

  2. Hair color - Silent legion blue

  3. Eye color - Blind

  4. Vanity weapons - Marlin Spikes (from Tortage)


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So That’s my Main Necro seen here wearing pieces from both Hero ascendent vanity (which drops from Desert WBs) the feet, belt & Legs to be precise, with a pretty normal cloak and the chest piece from the Pharaoh’s Guard which can be purchased for gilding tokens, wrists, hands shoulders are from a vanity set (ToS set)

For our 2nd minimalist appearance, Everything is from ToS Vanity box (sold in Traders till I think), except Necklace which I got from Iron Tower, and Legs which I got from the Khalar Zym Ashendark Set gilding vendor stuff

Here we see a lovely mix between PoM Vanity and ToS Vanity (Both caches of the first ToS, PoM can be found in Trader) again with a simple Cloak and the Necklace from the Iron Tower Dungeon

What good is a Stygian Sorcerer without his robes, the Black robe is called the Abyssal Shroud it drops in Xibaluku Dungeon from the Puzzle boss and the Blue one is called Hellfury Robes it drops from Amphitheatre of Karutonia (Normal version)
Akhmenukep_picture003 Akhmenukep_picture004

This is a more for Cold Climate Set; Chest, Legs, wrists & Belt are all from Scarlet Circle faction vendor, all blue gear, Boots are from a Set you can buy from ur Guild city I think it is called Worker or something, the Cloak is from the Halloween Event boxes from the Cimmerian one, And the masked turban is from, Again, Amphitheatre of Karutonia, Normal one
Close up on the Turban :joy:
There’s this Acheronian themed Set too, the chest is from Catacombs, Legs & Belt can be found In Caravan Raiders, Scorp Cave (Normal versions) or in Xibaluku as for feet these ones are from Necro pvp set, level 1 xD

I call this the Young Noble Set, the Chest which hides the legs is called Kel’avashk robes it drops in Sanctum of Burning souls from Akivasha, the belt is from the SLayer vanity set that drops on almost all WBs, feet are from Cache of the first ToS (Again from Trader) the cloak seen here is a mantle styled which can either be obtained from Hek’lar in Mainsystem or as a Normal drop from somewhere I can’t recall
Akhmenukep_picture008 Akhmenukep_picture009

as for Weapons. Well the Staff is called; Axis of Unearthly accord, got it off the Trader, the Dagger is pretty boring sold at any Vendor who sells weapons post 60 and the Talisman is a scroll that drops in Pyramid of the Ancients in Khopshef Province from the Ape boss in there, it’s a blue item so it’s a rare drop, and that black Orb is called the Darkheart it’s a quest, reward from the gravedigger in Conall Valley in Cimmeria
Akhmenukep_picture002 Akhmenukep_picture001Akhmenukep_picture010


Having several vanity sets for different situations is really nice, I got some more too but sadly they all require some guild renown cloak, so I’ll stick with one set per character at the moment. Also, my inventory space is getting veeery tiny :wink:

I really love your Noble Set!
The color scheme for male characters on that chest piece is a lot nicer than it is for female characters (less gold and a really strong red tone).


Luna in one of her Darfari outfits:

  • necklace: Beasmaster’s Corded Claw (rank 4 arena Bear Shaman necklace from Pit Master Arena Vendor)
  • chest: Kush|te Tribal Chestguard (kush|te vanity set from Gilding Vendor)
  • shoulder: Bands of the Outer Dark (necro/demo T4 shoulder from Jade Citadel raid/Paikang insurrection vendor)
  • wrist: Harlot’s bracelets (harlot’s vanity set from Ardashir and Keshatta world boss cache)
  • hand: Marique’s Goldscales Talons (Marique’s Goldscale vanity set from Gilding Vendor)
  • legs: Pictish Cryptbearer Loincloth (Pictish culture armor set from culture recipes/trader)
  • feet: Jungle Boots (Jungle social set from Tortage maps)
  • dagger: Fha’quth’s claw (from lv 5 boss in Tortage jungle temple/trader)

Luna with all feathers of her unique vanity set:

  • necklace: Beasmaster’s Corded Claw (rank 4 arena Bear Shaman necklace from Pit Master Arena Vendor)
  • cloak: Bladekissed Cloak of the Final Goodnight (drop from The Little Prince in Vile Nativity HM)
  • chest: Harlot’s dress (harlot’s vanity set from Ardashir and Keshatta world boss cache)
  • shoulder: Scholars’s Band of the Crescent (drop from The Celestial Necropolis HM)
  • wrist: Harlot’s bracelets (harlot’s vanity set from Ardashir and Keshatta world boss cache)
  • hand: Marique’s Goldscales Talons (Marique’s Goldscale vanity set from Gilding Vendor)
  • legs: Leggins of Lunacy (drop from Queen Cao-Polyphya in Vile Nativity)
  • feet: Boots of Dark Terror (Cache of the First Necromancer from shop/trader)
  • dagger: Repressor’s dagger (world boss unique weapon for necro/demo, drop from purple box)



Royal Goldish



Hello Polearm,

Please remember to post what these items are and how to acquire them(optional). With that being said great post and thanks for sharing your outfit ideas, I’m impressed.

  • this thread is also for those individuals who are planning to buy vanity gear but would like to know how it looks at least.




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My main barb Tura.
First image - Darfari Warrior’s Headpiece (PLS mobs), Vicious Cape of Ill Intent (Vile Nativity), Tiger’s Bracers of the Second Caste (Tiger’s faction vendor), Perennial Girdle (Xiba - Bone piles boss), Cuise of the Death Master (Caravan UC), Tamara’s Corsair Boots (Gilding vendor), Harlot’s Dress (World Boss), Midnight Mitts (random drop - got these in epic khesh), Shadow’s Armbands of the Final Way (Pillars of Heaven), Surberec’s Collar (Xiba - Dog).
Second image is same but with - Alpha Skull Helm (Cistern) which merges nicely with the cloak.
Third Image is same but with - Clan Moragh Champion’s Harness, Jungle Loincloth (tortage drop) and Goremonger’s Girdle (Onyx).
Fourth Image is with - Helm of the Painlegion, one of my favourite sets of armour.

Other chest pieces I use are: Blackmarrow Chest (Sanctum), Goremonger’s Harness (Onyx), Pitfighter’s Battle Harness (Gilding vendor).


Refreshing to see this vanity set as this is the first time I’ve seen a match like this

  • Great :slight_smile:

    • Tura