Various problems after the last updates

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Region: EU

things disappear

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1.No idea it just happens
2.I fill a greater wheel of pain and either the wheel is completely gone or empty on the next morning
3.once i logged in and nearly was nude
4.I have some other requests and proposals:
In prinzipal i like this game,
But with your last updates u did a lot more worse then good.
There are wheels vanishing, if not the wheel it´s the content.
now i have a wheel which is turning without any one turning the wheel which is a graphic thing. except u changed that on display if wheel is empty there is no one to turn it?
looking funny somehow.
I´m running the server with quite a lot of mods.
50% of those mods are about building because u always do DLC´s on new styles but not
on different type of building structures. For example aldern roofs or Glass structure, which does even some new stairs, wich are nice for building towers.
After ur update they all broke and i had to rebuild them after the update. Can´t u make some placeholder for similar structures.
I used minivaultV2 this mod disappeared completely. Therefor all content of my minivaults disappeared too, which i thought was quite annoiing.
There are some more things i would like to improve, like movement of bosses, for example the big snake is really bad.
Translation: you were killed by yourself in german Du wurdest getötet durch dich not dir
I really hate the wind and wet floor inside my housing
how about some musician slaves and some more dances for the Dancers, depending on where they are positioned temple, inn or bedroom.

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