A wheel of pain

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | ]
Region: [Here]

Today, I’ve built 15 pain wheels
All 15 are gone when I get out of here.
It goes 2 days

Hi there,

apologies but I am not sure I understand what your problem is.
Could you elaborate a bit more?

Perhaps if you could get a friend who speaks english to describe your problem

Google translate doesnt seem sufficient in this case

Think what he is trying to say that he placed several wheels of pain in the open and somebody trolling him by taking his thralls out of it because he didn’t encase is in a structure?

do you belong to the community?
and no, what are you doing?
Tascha can communicate independently, I see
Are you so smart or right?
Irony, you do not have to answer!

Dear Tascha!
The video below shows my problem.

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Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

One more question - is this on Live Servers or TestLive?

Just for comparison, next to the wheel you put in the video try pacing one directly on ground and one just on foundations and see if they all disappear.

Only think i can think of is that something under the floor tiles preventing the wheel from getting saved? Or maybe bugged floor tiles?

I also often experience this problem.
I avoid this by building a 2-3 times larger foundation than necessary to put a circle or temples in the middle.
It looks as if the triangular foundations had a problem with the place of connection with the next foundation. On the border of such a connection, a red x always appears (something like a gap between hitbox)
I noticed this on official and on testlive.

Are you for real? The dude clearly presses “Continue” button under the “Single\coop” in the video. And the clip name even has the word “single” in it. Holy, the level of professionalism around here…


CE for a single player also sets the server, it was rather about the version but this one is also seen in this video :slight_smile:

Idk in what universe “Live server” \ “Test server” equals to “Build version”, im sorry. Just shows the level of attention to details.

This is Single play

You may be right, I did not try, but this should be improved.
There is always a lot of problem with the triangle battery, eg climbing.

Apologies, I answered two different threads about the same issue missing that this one was SP trying to figure out which version this was in relation to.
Thanks for the clarification either way :slight_smile:


Well, with the weekend update, you’ve fixed the trouble!
The roof has disappeared and I can not build it!
What the hell do you do?!?!?!?!?!
disappointing what you are doing!

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