Venom infused weapon question

i created a venom infused dagger AND a venom infused great sword…

i tested with me + melee thrall both using venom infused weapons= 1 stack of venom
i tested with me + real player both using venom infused weapons = 1 stack of venom

is this intentionnal or another kink that has to be worked on?

i can understand if a thral and its master but 2 different players…

[edit as i missed a few details]

ME with the daggers i was able to do
10 venom stacks + 20 bleed and 1 cripple at the end of the combo
with 2 handed sword 10 venom 5 cripples and sunder

total =10 venom 20 bleed 5 cripple and a few sunders

me with thrall // other player = 10 venom 20 bleed 5 cripple and a few sunders

so basicly 1 player would need to have venom infused daggers to lay down the venom and bleed while one player//melee thrall would smash away cripples and sunder with a 2 handed sword and an archer to put poison dot

um when they were introduced they did. It was easy to throw 20 stacks of poison on a target. Did this get patched recently?

I mean if you think about it the venom sword is a joke if you cant stack venom with it. 1 stack of poison is useless unless you have a passion for hunting on noobriver. And the damage on the sword is so darn low for a weapon thats end game. Poison would have to stack to make it valid. If not might as well skip the unnamed city and just get a 2 handed starmetal greatsword with something like 20 point more damage.

did some testing earlyer
you cant multi stack debuffs or dots

so basicily


  • 1 venom infused dagger for venom + bleed
  • 1 greatsword for cripple and sunder
  • 1 bowyer for snake arrow dot and noxious gas dot
  • 1 greathammer for sunder and cripple
  • 1 spike wall dot since fence counts as a seperate dot
    since players do not have their own effects counted seperatly it makes venom infused weapon nearly useless for other players


you can get the weapons at level 1…well you will most likely be 3-4 when you turn the recipe in…
the mats to make them are

  • star metal requires either the purchase of the explosives from another player or level 49 for the explosive arrows)
  • specific handle level 60
  • shard if you can live the run you win
  • sand beast bile gland ( demon cats in the jungle that can rip you a new butt hole easyly)

so im guessing there could be some work to be done over that piece. exept for kilns the rest is nothing but 49+ to be hand made

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