Venom-infused weapons

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Misc

Was there a nerf to the venom-infused weapons in the near past?
They only stack poison to 5. I did not see the changes in changelogs. Or maybe it is a bug?
I crafted, I admin spawned a couple of them, and all did the same.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Craft or spawn a venom-infused weapon
  2. Equip it or give it to a thra
  3. Watch the poison stack stop at 5
  4. Cry because you have one less FoP.

Not ever single change is put in details but is bleed still stacking as the change healing they might have altered it to be more compatible with it

You know, if it’s a change, it should probably go in the Changelog.

We don’t need to know every “fixed this floating tree at (x,y,z)”, but “reduced max poison stacks for weapon Z from 20 to 5” is one of those things players kinda wanna know about.


Well if its a nerf to a weapon it is never ever put in the change notes and its always something we enjoy for a weapon and it will never hardly be taked about as well its nerf or nothing in this game every single time hidden in the patch.

You should report this as a bug btw. As it is not in the patch notes it might be a bug , not likely but with a bug report at least you will get an answer from someone maybe,

Tested them today they stacked to 10 poison without issue.


It also stacks to 10 in my game, tested with spear and daggers.

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Interesting then.
It is a ~month old problem to me, because the daggers I spoke about are my thrall’s weapons, and I thought the poison maybe just wore out since NPCs with daggers LOVE doing backflips. But attacks with daggers apply 2 poison at the time so it can’t be 5.
I’m gonna re-test it and capture screenshots (if I don’t forget it again…)

Daggers worked with my thralls, too, dancers to be specific.

There sometimes are display errors. For example, sometimes two separate icons of poison show up. I assume that it because an icon wasn’t properly removed once the DoT ran out. But that’s just a visual bug, I assume.

Maybe you got something similar with the stacks? Does the poison deal damage as if stacked to 10, but only shows as 5 stacks?

Glad you mentioned!
I use Hosav’s custom UI mod but I turned off the damage numbers.

2 full heavy combos with Venom-infused 2 handed sword:

“Maxed” out DoT with the daggers:

Reaper poison + bleed:

Only bleed (wiki says it should deal 1.65 damage/s/stack, so a total of 33, but instead of that I only get 27…

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