Bug? Obsidian Bleed Doesn't Stack (Age of War Ch1)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: none

Bug Description:

The Bleed tag added to obsidian weapons (really cool btw!) only slaps a single bleed on the target and doesn’t stack.

Bug Reproduction:

Use an Obsidian Great Sword against any enemy and heavy attack it a few times.

The reason I’m citing this as a bug instead of feedback is because dragonbone’s new Sunder tag (also really cool!) does stack, while Venom-Infused Sword which is identical in level, damage, durability, and function does stack, so it seems inconsistent. If it is intentional that obsidian’s Bleed cannot stack, my feedback is that it should be changed to stack instead like how normal Bleed works and to match the side-grade Venom-Infused Sword. Slapping only a single bleed doesn’t produce enough damage to make up for the damage that is lost compared to other high level weapons (for example, Acheronian Two-Handed Sword, which is already given under Knowledge and doesn’t take a world recipe/dungeon/special ore, has 54 damage vs obsidian’s 45).

Quick picture example, showing that multiple hits stacks cripple fine but only refreshes a single bleed debuff

I didn’t even realize they made this change, these weapons seem to function like grey ones weapons with a non stacking bleed.

If you check out some legendary weapons tagged with a non natural bleed they only stack once. But weapons tagged with gouging stack like normal.

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Ah, so it is a thing. I’m going to hold onto the hope that using that tag on obsidian was an accident and they meant regular bleed, because right now they’re just a strictly worse Venom-Infused that involves fighting through a dungeon and waiting an hour for composite to craft every time you need more materials.

In preparation for this and another post, I was going through all the 1H swords and looking for changes and balance adjustments. Apart from this little gripe over Bleed, I’m a big fan of the changes. If you look at Star Metal as the “default” lvl 60 tier, the other lvl 60 materials/world recipes all offer a little something different. Acheronian gives you raw damage, just +2. Dragonbone took a damage nerf but everything comes with Sunder to make up for it (great fun with a 1H axe or daggers). Obsidian, obviously, now has Bleed. Serpent-man, if you hunt down the world recipe, has the advantage of “cheap,” having the same 41 damage, 8% AP, 900 durability as star metal but only costs iron. At the Library, Venom-Infused Sword is identical to obsidian but offers Poison instead of Bleed. Black Ice has Frostbite and cheap stamina costs. And at the ultimate end, Ancient Lemurian Sword has the highest damage and an unusual “stacks to 5+1” Cripple, which may be a bug but it’s fun so I can’t be bothered to report it. Of course, there’s some actual problems mixed in too, like Perfected Hardened Steel having the same stats as Perfected Steel now after the nerf, but that’s for the other feedback post I’m planning on making eventually.

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