Are weapons nerfed intentionally, or is it a bug?

I want to ask the following. Are the weapons in game supposed not to stack bleed or any other effect anymore?, since in my single player game they don’t, no matter what weapon with bleed or something else.

I remember daggers, no matter what kind, to stack bleed up to 20 times and some other weapons cripple up to 10 times.

Have i missed something in the patch notes?, since i can’t recall any mention of the things i mentioned.

If this is a bug why is it happening to me and seemingly no one else?. I don’t use mods of anykind so that can’t be the problem.

From the patch notes:
Reduced the base duration of bleed effects to 8s (down from 20s). This should allow bleed effects to be shed easily in PvP while still allowing for the same damage potential in PvE as long as the effect is maintained.

I don’t know if there is another issue…


Also special weapons no long stack bleed but just give them 1 bleed that’s it


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