Solution to the bleed nerf

Ok so not a huge bleed user myself but i feel for the bleed users who felt this one hard

bleed should effect players and npcs differently

Like a player and a npc have way different health pools and that’s where bleed was always bad but made even worse with the bleed nerf for using it on just the npcs

Have an increase for bleed by maybe 200 % when attacking an npc or something to compensate for the high health pool and then when attacking a player it can be kinda similar to how it is now in game

I always though they should do this with other items like potions and wraps, wraps and potions should have an increase when used by a thrall then when used by a player

Just something to maybe bring back decent bleed for folks to use


On the “easier said than done” scale, I suppose this one is probably a little lower than some of the other suggestions offered around here.

I think Bleed time should just be made equal to Poison. It will still be less than the former 20 seconds, but better than the current 8.

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That could also work nicely, poison does work well atm
I’m hoping one day we see different damage for different enemy types, like blunt weapons doing more damage to skeletons.

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If you make bleed damage percentage based, you don’t have to worry about HP pool differences. Though it would be super OP on very high HP units, because it would deal more damage per tick than actual weapon damage.

The cleanest solution is still to make HP pools more equal between players and NPCs/bosses.

Redesign bosses. Add phases where bosses are immune to damage or certain damage types. Add weak points where you have to hit in order to damage bosses. Things like that.

Also change the way armor works. Light armor SHOULD NOT have 60-70% damage reduction. Armor penetration values on weapons are too high as well because of that.

Wraps can be % based too on heal. Potions can stay at fixed values.


I don’t think bleed should be made equal to poison, as bleed is a standard effect from many weapons while poison requires you craft it regularly or use very a small handful of weapons

I personally haven’t found the bleed nerf to have had a big effect. With daggers its still easy to keep a twenty stack, the only time it drops for me is when I need to make room to use a potion.

I could see upping the duration very slightly, like up to 10 second stacks, but that’s mostly to help war axes and other bleed weapons that you need multiple hits in a combo before getting any bleed

Daggers are still the dominant weapon when it comes to killing anything that has a high HP and isn’t immune to bleed in my experience

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With out knowing exact number changes… I can’t say much.

I just know, I rarely get bleed to 3 or 4 stacks, since I have wait for stam regen and stacks disfuse.

And losing heavy strike bleed apply on Horse has made Boss hunting frustrating…I had give up solo play, and go back using a thrall who mind numbs the fight. -_-’ well I hit it free of charge =/

Poison is 10 seconds.

So don’t make bleed equal, instead make it equal?

Looks like your armor/stat builds are off by a lot. As I’ve seen in the other thread, you are not using stats efficiently.

I’m finding I can still get the bleed stacked ok (but I always put a lot of points into grit), and can still just about solo something like a croc boss (the biggest difficulty there still seems to be the insta-rotate leading to getting stuck inside their head and taking a hit trying to get out). But I do definitely lose the stack sometimes, usually due to needing to heal, and have to start again.

Overall, I’m definitely feeling more reliant on thralls/followers - which is not great - I’m not so much convinced that it’s any one change that’s the cause, more the overall effect of all the recent combat changes. I’d like to see the bleed timers increased back towards where they were, at least for PVE - and that includes getting bleed on me (again, PVP may well be different) - PVE enemies rarely get more than one or two stacks of bleed on me, which means I just ignore it and heal later - when the timer was longer it felt like more of a threat that I needed to do something about. But mostly I just feel that these combat changes are all things that individually aren’t ‘that severe’, each change can be adjusted to, but the cumulative effect seems to be to keep making the player weaker and more of a ‘side-kick’… (Someday I’ll actually get round to writing this post I keep thinking about that tries to really break down what I mean.)

I think your all assuming everyone is lv60.

Same as Alex comments in Light armor thread about it being OP…

Going thru game, pre-lv60… its fairly broken and different story.

Fair point (though I also felt ok with stone daggers in the early game with things like a corrupted croc - though you may be noticing a pattern here - I fight a lot of crocs…) (but also, stamina really is my focus from quite early on - which suits me, but doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone).

And I do agree, as I said, I’d like the bleed timers to go back up, at least a bit. I do feel that I’ve already adjusted to the new timer ok (at whatever level) - but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I may not be feeling that it’s as difficult as you are feeling it, but there’s so many factors that can go into that, and I certainly don’t mean to suggest that you shouldn’t be feeling what you are feeling.

(Side note: I’m thinking of trying something I saw you suggest once for my next restart - slow the player progression right down (0.1x or maybe 0.2x) - so maybe that might allow me to actually get further into the game before I hit level 60 - and might find some more difficult enemies to deal with while still at lower levels - so that may alter my feeling slightly as well.)

Right now, Player gain is 0.4
Kills is 0.2
Gather is 0.2
Crafting is 0.5 (can’t really change it well on consoles.)

Lv38, pushing into Northern areas, collecting Black-Ice and Poking Asgard abit. By time I craft t3 stuff, I’ll be lv40 in my new base location in north ready drop Kinscrougre at 40ish.

Last patch(or before) bump gather exp(and others), which threw me off. XD

Using Black Blade Mushashi. (loving new katana move set) I think my grit is 1 1/2 of 5. I could likely drop enc and acc from 1/5 to 0. But ya. I find alot of higher health enemies… I just do not get enough bleeds stacked. Feel so Dragged out.
I gave myself Venom Katana, easy poison stacks really helped me push thru New Asgard. (spend so much of it pulling 1…getting 5 of them, that you kinda have to status them and run around like a Drunk.

Can never get bleed off, inless (talking new asgard at lv38)
A. they about to die do to combo.
or B. Another enemy runs into last part of combo. XD

I use to love daggers… like LOVE them, but after they changed it year or so back…they Whiff attacks way to often, and they seemly have never got them back in good hit-zone spot.

Katana do same still for spiders… whiff thru there legs… -_-’ Work well everywhere else so far. =3

Wow, even slower progress than I remembered :slight_smile: (I thought it was just the overall you were doing - I think that might be a little too slow for me, lol)
I know what you mean on New Asagarth - that’s always felt tough in singleplayer (because of the group aggros) and just seems to feel worse each time I go back. I haven’t really got into the new katanas yet, but I keep hearing good things about them - got a Black Blade in a chest from the other day, I really should give it a go - my excuse was I was waiting to get the master weapon fitting, but I did the warmakers yesterday, so no more excuses :wink:

I do know what you mean there - fighting the three mini-bosses in the warmakers felt particularly frustrating this time around, especially the sword guy who kept lunging across the room everytime I went to hit him. Like I mentioned in the earlier post - I do feel more reliant on thrall/follower and don’t like that - although I tend to feel it’s more the accumulation of a bunch of factors, rather than any one individually (that’s kinda been my problem with a lot of the combat changes - individually they’re ‘ok’, can learn to deal with them and move on, but gradually they add up to quite a lot…)

I still love daggers - but I’ll admit they aren’t what they were. And I do find that I don’t use them so much for humans now (although taking on the Arena Champion with daggers can be fun - though I suspect not at the moment while stagger is still broken - much better in 2.6 :slight_smile: )

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Its not super slow… I do Journey Steps, and collect and build. Go out and collect thralls and pets, It all kinda falls into place.
I’m actually able to build t1 base pre-level 30. XD
Which is what always bug me about default.(new exp gains anyway) I’m lv30 before I even finish t1 base. (I get alot of player want hit lv60 cap and just go form there)
I enjoy the long road to lv60.

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That’s exactly the sort of thing that’s got me wanting to try something along those lines :slight_smile: That and wanting to actually spend time at each tech level, rather than just race through it to get to the next one. It’s been really bugging me this time that I hadn’t even finished building in t1 before I hit level 60 - I’d much rather enjoy the journey to get there :slight_smile:

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