Bleed, chained by NPCs, is this by design? Actually, all status effects broken

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Anywhere]

Bleed status effect appears broken as a game element. Just had an NPC for about the sixth time in two days run up, and 10x plus Bleed stack me, in about a second. This, if you feel is how it should be, is insane.

Many of the status effects in the game, for the resources given to address and counter them, are really poorly implemented.

On that note, stop adding items that will screw you automatically to the wheel on PS4. Adding uncooked food, that can easily be unintentionally clicked, when flying through choices mid combat, was such a poor choice that I have to assume there was no play testing, it literally is that glaring of a design flaw.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fight any thrall npc that has a dagger.
  2. Watch as dangerous consumable items are auto added to the wheel, FOR NO REASON, and how it spectacularly screws you during game play from accidental clicks on the Dualshock controller.

Use bandages. It stop bleeding. It’s under the survival skill

I know status effects we apply do not work the same way as those applied by npcs. Npcs seem to be able to apply them much easier than we do.


But I’d say that leads down an unvirtuous cycle of counter status effects Hell, as you then deal with the even more frustrating and dangerous poison from the spiders you try farming silk from.

U can use set Antidote to counter everything

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Thank you,

But I do not want my character to be a Setite. Thought about violet curealls to. But cobra farming leads back to the same cycle issue as spiders, plus ten glands for one just makes it impractical.

You have to dodge, standing toe to toe, without the aid of curall and Set potions is a death sentence. You can’t really force the game to change to your desires or how you think things should be done, you need to adapt to the reality that is. Or be miserable. Your choice.

You have been presented several ideas here, all of which work as I, and many others have tested them. Good luck.

Dodging would be great, if it were reliable.

Too often Bleed stacks, at least in my experience, come from an off camera direction as you are tied up fighting another Thrall. And they ‘flash’ hit you, to a point where you will not have ability to react with the control lag the game seems to have on the PS4. Being mid combo with a spear against another set of thalls, and getting hit blind side by another NPC mysteriously spawning behind you, and them chain using this status effect, which frankly is ridiculous to counter with the crafting and resource cost, isn’t a very fun experience. Wanting an obviously bad game element corrected isn’t wanting to force the game to comply to my desires. Its saying, with how the game plays as a whole on the PS4, this is not really working all that well and should be redone.

It works fine, dodge is reliable. Not sure what your issue is.

Yum… i get poison and so, but never took a lot of damage, I roll, I use great sword or pike to slow them, and I put points in vitality…it’s true if you allow npc get you often , you will be in pain… I play in ps4 too… maybe it’s a bug? I never took so damage stacked … yeah, if you are bleeding you will lose health quick, I run away until pass it, bandage is not working so fine now, cause if you are fighting, bandage not work, only waste … set potion is fine, use a lance to fight cobra and scorpions, and never allow they took you near, even big scorpions are not at all difficult.

Dodge -would be- reliable if lag weren’t so rampant.

It still wouldn’t change the fact that status effects seem to work entirely different for NPCs. As in, they’re actually effective when they apply them. Not so much when we do.

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Bleed stacks to 20 now, with the same damage as 10. So your 10x is really only 5x. Regardless, try dodging, blocking, timing your hits and use elixirs and potions. Npcs were made tougher recently with the implementations of shield blocks and dancers with daggers, their difficulty is no bug.


I don’t get much lag, not sure why, but I am happy about it.

I get plenty of lag but only occasionally run into issues with being ganked by dancer npcs. I’m pretty sure they don’t apply status effects any differently than a player does though. As was stated earlier bleed stacks to 20x. I’ve tested it with a bud and there’s no difference between the 20x applied from a random dancer npc, and the 20x applied by my bud. Aside from the lag this sounds more like a case of poor combat skills on your part.

Im happy they made them harder cause i was able to run through alot of areas with no trouble what so ever

I thought antidote from set was for poison??? You sir have given me more reason to keep stealing these. I built a stock from the neighbor but stopped stealing it cuz I had so many. NOw you make me think I can never have enough :slight_smile:

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Yeah set right now its the best God in terms of Foundation damage and item utility

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Crom is always best god. Only weak civilized folk need more than what Crom gives them at birth.


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