Version Number not reflecting ost recent update

Need to know if anyone with a Series X can help me out with what the version number of the game should be. I’m playing on an import and my version number is 1.29541.9029.4910.

I do have the options to select from performance and quality. When selecting quality, it just doesn’t feel like I’m thinking it’s supposed to. And it’s not even really close to the optimization comparison video that was released.

My concern is that the country for my import (Hong Kong) is apparently updated through Spike Chunsoft instead of Funcom. I’ve received two conflicting reports from the official forums. So I’m looking for more clarification.

My first response on the forums indicated that my game version is behind because of Spike Chunsoft, and outside of buying it again, there isn’t anything that can be done.

However, my second response told me that Spike has also taken over EU updates and everything should coincide with the US version. But with my version number not being remotely close to what I’m seeing elsewhere, I’m confused as to how I should move forward.

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