Very bad server issues

@Ignasi if this is in the wrong section please move.

Having bad server wide issues on official PVE #6405 today. Asking in global, all other players were having the same issues:

  • Lag, lag and more lag
  • Stamina bar not draining while running or fighting
  • Stamina bar draining to empty while standing still (not after running or fighting so not delay in registering)
  • Rubberbanding (making running jump fall short as you get pulled back)
  • Food and water not draining (which is actually nice)
  • When climbing up, get the sliding down animation (pretty funny)
  • Delay in hp loss recognition from enemy damage

I haven’t tested out too much game play (like going into the maelstrom) as it’s too dicey. The server has been restarted daily & I have tried logging in and out but no change. Ping is always an issue on this server.

Also interestingly, this is occurring with very few people on the server (normally we have over 30).
There is a spammer clan but would that cause all these issues?

A quick fix would be nice, but feel free to take your time with the food/water & sliding down while moving upward.

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