Very low performance on PS4 slim

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

On the official server #3206, the game is unplayable, I have a very low framerate (I would say 0.5 fps). There’s nothing I can do, it doesn’t care if I move or interact, just being in the server makes the game unplayable, even the menu to disconnect, the inventory and basically everything is very slow to react. It also sometimes occur on other server, many times. But this bug doesn’t always occur, sometimes I can finally play on the server smoothly. The game works smoothly on Solo and Coop mode, and the PS4 doesn’t lag when playing the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. There aren’t real steps, it just happens randomly, but you can try connecting to the server #3206
  2. Then look if there is a low framerate.
  3. If not, retry connecting 2-3 times.
  4. Then try to move and do something, it’s unplayable.

An exemple of the performance (I wasn’t lying when I said intense) :

Is this problem from my PS4 of from the game servers…?

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