Vha.Chat - Standalone Chat Client

I’ll keep it short,

After over 6 years of inactivity Vha.Chat has been moved to GitHub and some minor much needed updates have been done.
The main changes are aoitems support and RK 2019 support.
For the coders among you, the project has been updated for Visual Studio 2017/2019.

Just to manage expectations a bit, I’m not resuming development, the codebase is too old to find pleasure in that.
The goal is to fix the things that broke along the way, and get the project into shape for others to tinker with it should they want to.
PRs will be reviewed and considered.

Repository: https://github.com/Vhab/Vha.Chat
Downloads: https://github.com/Vhab/Vha.Chat/releases

Only a package with executables is available for now.
The installer still needs some work to be revived.


Thanks Vhab :heart: