[Video] Worldbosses (Spider, Insect, Crocodile), Obelisks and The Dregs Dungeon /teamplay w. Thor

Hey friends,

my last stream was amazing, had so much fun teamplaying with a servermate and had the nicest chat with my twitch community.

Check out the YouTube video from the stream and enjoy:

Tell me what you think about it and follow my Twitch/sub to my YouTube if you like my content.

Have a nice day,


It was a really good stream, I like taking part at your adventures.:+1: For me it’s one of the best possibilities to reduce the waiting period up to release.

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Thanks mate, I really got something going there with my Conan Exiles streams, growing a really nice community. It’s so much more fun nowadays…used to stream with 0-2 viewers for months before. Everyone that is partaking in this early phase means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

I’m planning to do more co-op adventures with my servermates, for example to the Black Keep and the Unnamed City. If you (and anyone that reads this) can think of other interesting locations (I still haven’t nearly seen all the places on the map, 600hours just isn’t enough for this game), then please let me know. :cowboy_hat_face:

I would recommend the cave beneath the Deathspire Ruin in the eastern region of the desert. But I don’t know if they changed something in Testlive. I know this place only from the live version.:innocent:

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Yeah, that is a great idea. Honestly I have never been there before (I only saw the bone drake that used to live there around the hole).

Cool. I did not know the world bosses could be taken down with only two players. I was worried one would need a full raid team for such exploits.

I watched the stream. It was a hard fight. Both fighters were experienced (max level), equipped with high tier weapons and armor. One of them died, it was a tight victory.

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The crocodile boss can be done solo, but you need to be careful and it is time consuming. I have not tried the spider boss solo yet. I think antidotes or survival 40 will be necessary since I do not have a vitality heavy build.

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Yeah, with Antidotes it should be easy, without I don’t think you can avoid poison stacks going crazy (above 20-30).
Crocodile I also think can be solo’ed. I will try to find some more to kill and update on my YouTube channel.


Last TL build I went upriver right after Stygian Spear and saw this croc and said “hey why not?” Then it kept crawling and crawling and crawling, and then I realized it was basically a city bus. If you want a nice legit fight, that boss croc + pals is fun, just keep in mind it’s a high-travel spot and you will likely get ganked or have your kill stolen if you’re solo PVP.

Spider boss solo no archery is not really possible without red potions. I have tried it with lots of builds and it’s really tough if you fight legitimately.

Oh and if I get Gavain’s Rusty Pike one more time I’m going to find him and punch all his dancers.


It was a nice stream for sure. The take away is that it is possible to ‘coop-kill’ with proper tactics, logistics, and skill. That is the most important nugget of information from the stream. I know several people on the fence about the title given it is being promoted on some MMO sites. Consequently, people reasonably think it is a follow-up MMO to AoC. I also had some concerns given my current geographical location about being able to fully experience Exiles. Now I know a couple proficient and dedicated people working well together can achieve the endgame experience properly.


Nice. I’m looking forward to the challenge. On a side note, given my location and subsequent ping, I don’t think I’ll be doing any PvP servers any time soon so no worries about being ganked for me.

People have different feelings about the viability of the different server types but I think it is possible to enjoy PVP, PVE, and SP. It just requires the right approach. Knowing ahead of time that there are infrastructure limitations that may limit your enjoyment of a particular play style is a great thing to figure out ahead of time. Saves you from being frustrated over something you cannot control. PVE and SP are both viable alternatives to PVP.

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I’ve seen your other postings about location and interests. You might find it interesting that I watch a number of streamers from China, Japan, Russia and Oceania and they play on US TestLive servers. One is from your province, and he seems to do quite well on a loaded PVP server. I wouldn’t rule it out if I were you, because if you’re going to administer a server it might benefit you to see how high-intensity servers “become” over time.

To be honest, I enjoy watching excellent teamwork even in the minutia of gathering resources – much more than watching raiding. Cooperative play can become fundamentally great, and really entertaining with the right team.

Totally. I have made a few friends who’d never, ever play PVP. I came here from GTA V Online, so I kill and be killed a bunch. That said, I’ve never been killed by a player, and the majority of my online playtime is PVP Solo. That we’re even talking about this is a testament to CE’s flexibility and replay value. :comet:


No doubt. I’ve heard of a few people doing well in other titles. Sadly for me, I live on a university campus with national laboratory infrastructure so the security measures, control, and censorship are strict.

When I check the server list now most all say no ping over 250 well that puts 98% of the servers out of access for me. It seems I will likely have to set up my own dedicated server unless FunCom will run an official English language one out of Hong Kong.

The cost for the official partner g-portal for 70 slots per year is about $620 and that is only US West which would likely put me out of my own server ping wise if it were an option and given the conversion cost for me it that is pretty damn expensive, to say the least. For what it is worth, I would rather give such money to FunCom directly than a third party if possible.

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You have the right ideas, and apparently an amazing opportunity there, so wow! Great stuff. I hope you find a suitable solution, and I’ll drop a suggestion in your thread.

As for boss keys I think my favorite (and most unexpected first-time) fight is the Rocknose King. It just keeps getting more fun every time with different weapons.

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You don’t need to get a 70 slot server from the start, because it will slowly populate and you can increase the slot size on the fly. If however money is not an issue, maybe 70 slots do attract people that would otherwise not visit your server.

No doubt… It is a dynamic consideration to be sure.