Voice Chat still does not work / Adding proximity based text chat would be better

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First of all thank you guys for your hard work on solving many in game issues. I can imagine how hard it is solve bugs with limitation due to Covid.

We have tried our best to get the in game voice chat working with no luck even after the update to the Vivox voice chat. (Before the Vivox update, we could hear each other at times but it sounded distorted)

It would be better to have a proximity text chat, this way we can communicate with other players on the server.

Text chat should be a thing on consoles too until the voice chat is completely fixed . Appreciate the feedback on this subject.

Thanks again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enabled/Disabled proximity and server voice chat. (No Luck)
  2. Left/Rejoined Game Chat (No Luck)
  3. Server reset after changing settings (No Luck)

Hello @StarkyGuy, thank you for reaching out and for your kind words!

Do you only experience this issue in a private server or are you also unable to use voice communication on official servers?

We’ll be sure to forward your feedback to the team.

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