Proximity chat not working for me XBOX

So first i noticed that in the players list i do not have a mic next to my name. Ive turned off push to talk and my mic works in all other games and still works in party chat but not in conan exiles. Has anyone had to fiddle with settings to get it to work?

I have a bluetooth turtle beach headset with a flip down mic. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Its terrible btw dont ever buy turtle beach if its for your xbox anyways

Hello @HarshEndGamer, welcome to the community!

Do you have the chance to experiment with using a different device?

I have a cheap $10 headset but its so quite that people cant usually hear me at all and i also can hardly hear the game with it

Is the Turtle Beach headset working with other games or does the issue occur only in Conan Exiles?

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