Volary of the Jhil was made to fail

Volary of the Jhil needs some major tweaking. Its design is absolutely horrendous when it comes to the climbing portion of the vault.

All it takes is your your horse / pet / or follower teleporting to one of the cages mid-jump to send you hurdling down to your death.

If that isn’t bad enough, there is a small puddle of water on the ground floor removing your chances at retrieving your gear if you dont plan your death as you fall -_-

And this being a vault there is no re-entry after death so reloading isnt an option either. Nor is raising your followers follow distance so they wont “follow you” up (tried that)

Please make adjustments as this is very high - risk, average reward situation making the Jhil vault - one you cannot run casually, experienced or not.

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Or… Just run it without followers and a proper PvP build. (Yes they are best for that)

Thats not the point. Its a vault. They are mini dungeons.

You should be able to run in and out - not strip yourself of your follower and switch your build around for some eldarium and an extra sigil.

The difficulty is understandable, and thats why theres some vaults harder than others. Den of the wolves > Demon Spiders.

But trying to do a tour of all the vaults is folly if one of them is sure to send you to your death - resulting in the potential loss of all of sigils you worked for.

Worse yet it has nothing to do with skill but a mishap that could be easily tweaked to rectify the situation.

If the cages simply were no longer a spawn point for thralls, problem solved.

Well, until we get the tweak. You can order your follower to stop before climbing and once you made it to the top recall it. As for mounts…leave them outside, mounts inside vaults have always been dangerous.


Well thats one work around for the follower. Great suggestion, simple enough

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