Volary of Jhil issues

Seriously though, that place was horrible. Maybe I don’t have the controls right or something, but I kept slipping, sliding, falling, and dying when trying to climb/platform through the cages. The controls just don’t seem right, and make it a painful experience. There were some seemingly climbable spots there too where I encountered a “you can’t climb here” only to fall and die. I got through it eventually, but it was a PITA. Any tips/advice on the controls would be appreciated; otherwise that place could use some friendly tweaking.


Sheeesh. Thanks for the heads-up. I was gonna explore it today, but I don’t feel like dying because something looks climbable but isn’t.

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Yes, towards the top is a cage that sometimes let you climb it and other times (after you jumped to it) says you can’t climb this and drops you to your death.


died in there 3 times, gave up on it. This game just doesn’t have jump and run mechanics

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I died on one of the cages yesterday as well (cannot be climbed) but on my second try, I did it. I guess I got on the wrong side of it. Luckily, you can respawn and go back quickly. My “are you serious” moment was when we killed the boss and had to go for the big chest :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I ran it over the weekend and had no problem with the cage-climbing sequence. Of course, since I was forewarned by this thread, I didn’t try to experiment with the sides of the cages, but followed the sequence the way it was designed. :man_shrugging:

Yep, this vault is the one I dislike the most. Most of the vaults are interesting and fun. But not this one. I don’t like jumping puzzles or parkour games. If I did, I’d go play those instead of this … Please make a cage act like an elevator (climb on one and have a counterweight pull you up). When I go into a Vault, I’m there to kill things and collect loot (not play jumping mini-games).

If Funcom really wants to keep the jumping puzzle, but a small chest at the top to reward the people who want to do that stuff, and let the rest of us skip the ‘non-fighting’ to get to the boss.


There’s also some problems with where your thralls tether to you when you get to the top of the climb - I’ve had them tether into the boss room and train the boss plus all the other harpies back to me, or tether onto the other side of the chasm in the boss room so I’d need to make them tether again to be anywhere they could fight.

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From my experience on PC always hold space bar down when climbing, and never press shift.
Holding space bar will make your character grab back on if it makes you randomly fall.
And don’t press shift otherwise you will just let go and fall.
I wa able to do it without issue this way. And strip down to light or no armor if stamina an issue.

Hope this helps.

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Yep, one of my clan has had his pets do this twice, you get to the stairs then see the pet running towards you with boss and henchmen coming down to greet you

I tried twice last night both on the same face of the cage to test. First time said you can’t climb this, the second let me climb it.

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I have had it where it said I could not climb, but that was towards the bottom, what I did have happen though was towards the top my horse teleported above me and knocked me off to my death, sometimes I’ll see my thrall teleport just above my head as I’m climbing but haven’t had him knock me off, but that horse…he stays outside.

I on the other hand liked the jumpy cagey puzzle thing. I get that it’s not everyone’s goblet of grog but at least there are 13 more to infiltrate to get your slaughter on! And I am all for the slaughter!!!

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I almost fell as well, but I was holding spacebar and my character slid on the cage but not all the way down enough to fall. My advice is, don’t rush through. One cage at a time and don’t try to skip any of them.

I wasn’t really enjoying that experience though, I hate when game designers force platform “puzzles”. One, they’re not really a puzzle, and two, not everyone perceives depth in 3D games the same way so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

On Nintendo, Super Mario Brothers was great, because there was no 3D. Just 2D sprites – everyone perceives that the same way. It’s flat. Platforming in 3D is something I hate to encounter.

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Luckily, we have 13 other vaults so there something for everyone. I am also not a fan of the jumping puzzles but then again, I don’t really need to do that vault more than once or twice if I don’t want to.


Thankfully, yes, there are many others to do.
I still haven’t found them all on the map.

I love the look of this vault. It is the most aesthetically pleasing of the 10 i’ve done so far.
Sadly i won’t revisit it unless i lose my sigil.

The climbing mechanic is one of the best things in this game but its way to janky to base the survival of a dungeon on.

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Yes, I can’t imagine going through it with your friends and them constantly falling off the cages.

The worst bit for me was that i was unable to park my horse (“must be placed on a walkable surface” issue when the server lags), so he came throught the dungeon with me… and knocked me off one of the highest cages when he tethered to me.


That would have been a hilarious video to see

I was there yesterday. No problems, climbing and jumping on the cages was without problems. Very nice concept. I do play singleplayer, on the oficial (not the testlive) client of the game.