Volcano Boss not spawning

I went through the Volcano Dungeon with 2 Lian Thralls, Kill the servants that spawn at the boss location, but the Boss didn’t spawn so i can’t get the Boss relic.

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I had the same experience. That Boss just does not want to spawn.


One solution is that when you hear his monologue, you leave the boss building through the opening to the left, proceed to the Serpentman Brute. Once you killed the Brute, go back to the “throne room”, and he will be there sitting on the throne, and the encounter will proceed as it should.

Or if playing single player open up admin control then activate fly move around a bit then activate walk then boss will spawn.

It works for me.

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Regarding the situation reported, is this occurring in an official online server or single player? Could you please provide me with a screenshot of where the boss should be spawning but is not?

I’ve had it happen on single player server the Boss should spawn right infront or on the throne

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