Votarie volcano nameds not spawning

Game mode: Online private (G-Portal)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU (UK)

My volcano Votarie nameds aren’t spawning at all, and I see this type of message scrolling through my G-Portal server log for the tanner, task master, etc. These error messages just keep repeating in my log:

2018.11.30-12.35.22:349][335)SpawnTable:Error: Data: UAsyncSpawnNPCProxy- could not spawn NPC with SpawnTablelD: Votaries_Tanner_Random, at location: X=-30301.883 Y=-249886.563 Z=26821.721
[201B.11.30-12.35.22:350][335]SpawnTable:Error: Data: USpawnTableComponent::SpawnNPCFromWeightedTable - could not find weighted table with id:
Votaries Taskmaster -Random

Any fix for this please?

If you have mods, it may be tied to that. Just a suggestion i see a lot for PC issues.

No mods. Just regular Conan on a G-Portal server.

Yep, just read that.
Sorry. I tried :slight_smile:

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I believe this is fixed in TestLive. Note in here says, “Adjusted spawn timers for some of the rare T4 NPCs” so once this moves to live it should be fixed! Sorry about that!

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Can confirm they are spawning on Testlive, but no longer guaranteed spawns like they were prior to the Pet Patch.

Sounds correct then :slight_smile:

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