Vulcano boss lost

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At the volcano: after the fight vs the ghosts, the boss is lost.

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2.fight vs ghosts from the snake boss
3.after kill them all
4.snake boss is lost

Sometimes it sits in different directions and even misplaced, sometimes it stands up early and just collapses, sometimes it does not collapse and you have to fight it. It’s an old creature, its mind is rotten, it’s unpredictable.

lol he not lost this happen every time when you kill his guardsmen he stands up for a sec then happily launches out the front at high speed but you can usually find his body around the front entrance to his little thrown room but it’s very funny to see him catupult imagine the skinny knife effect with rhino or elephants that basically what he does

Oooo the guards are dead well time to leave :rocket: snake snake of the volcano watch out for that wall :right_anger_bubble: ooooooo that had to hurt

Hey @DarkJedi

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve relayed this information to our team in case it is not caused by mods.

Sorry I forgot to say I’m on Xbox one and no it’s not a mod as I cannot get any on single player so it’s not mods apologize for not stating so :hugs:

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