Wall of fire spell , most useless spell in the game right now ? ( Pls rework it , thank you )

that thing i believe used to deal damage before they nerf it and now it makes only heat effect , thats it , its very small and tiny from length and width too

i cannot think of a single scenario were i would need it ,

not sure whats the point of this spell , it cost cloth pouch , which begs the question why would you want to use it against NPC camp or boss to keep running in circle around wall for kite purposes if you can simply save resources of this cloth pouch to summon illusion that taunt the NPC camp and boss instead ?? , also flying bat cost cloth pouch too which really useful than small fire wall that doesn’t deal damage

my suggestion either make it cost burlap pouch or making it decent amount of damage against enemies but not your clan mate and thralls to justify the cloth pouch cost

PS : remember there old legend saying small dust crystal and small sand crystals are what mountain made of , so when you look at cost of pouch don’t say ( Oh its too cheap ) because your brain not calculating how many time you want to use spells were you constantly need ice bridge since your half stamina bar from corruption won’t help you to clime or want that sweet sick bat flying constantly in demand to bypass the mountain thatsbetween resource node and your base , if you calculate that in long term you would need tons and tons and tons of materials and time investment , so don’t let simple cost of a thing fools you , there massive different between burlap pouch and cloth pouch and even more massive for leather pouch in the long run and snowballing cost.

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Increases cost to 80% corruption, but make it decent, example:

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the wall should be twice taller to avoid being climbed and increase its damage by 100 % THEN i can see scenarios of it being useful.

oh, it would be nice if they stop projectiles i haven’t tested it yet.

but if you are under fire from either trebs or arrows why not be able to cast a temporary wall getting you some valued seconds?.


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