( Feedback ) leather pouch is very expensive to craft and 2 spells you cast with it are not that good ( please dev adjust cost of leather pouch )

right now summoning dead spell is very very weak as it summon zombie with only 100 hp and they come one at the time not even at same time , during mid-late game they will get 1 shot easily by any boss aoe or strong NPC camp and waste of resources on leather pouch and their damage not that good

lightning storm that also cost leather pouch there are 2 major issues with it , the first it takes very long time to strike means by the time it strike 2-3 times you would already killed the entire camp with your army of thralls and you yourself , the 2nd issue is the damage not that great mid-late game camps and against bosses too

if dev’s do not wish to change spells in that case they need to nerf leather pouch to the ground , as right now you need 2 thick leather , sacrificial blood in flask , 5 alchemist base , weather skull ( THATS ALOT in long run )

imagine everytime you want to cast 1 spell you need all these resources just to cast mediocre spell once , you already need demon blood from tons and tons of stuff with other rituals stuff on top of dragon powder too

same thing with alchemist base very important for crafting potions and strong healing aloe flask now with most people will have 40 vitality the alchemist base it will be more important for potions now

and you need to go to camp , and pull thrall and put it on bench and wait for animation just to cast 1 of these spells once that doesn’t have that great effect

so please dev , remove the human blood flask requirement and reduce the alchemist base it require

PS: remember in pvp server all it takes 1-3 days before you get raided , nobody has time to keep grinding skulls and waste alchemist base on spells instead of pure aloe extract , your priority and time will be focus on much more important things

pve wise im not sure why you need spells in first place when you can literally get two T4 thralls with authority last perk , while giving them best armor and weapons and you yourself using best armor and weapons , all you have to do just click E on NPC camp and giving them help here and there and entire camp will be melt in no time and be much more faster than 2 bad offensive spell we have right now that not worth the leather cost it need ,

we already need 40% corruption to cast them in firsts place , add to that you need to stand still 10 sec to cast them and with weak damage and effect and expensive resource to cast once while also each leather pouch has 3 weight kilogram means carry 10 leather pouch = 30 weight , then its recipe for disaster

When you summon a zombie you put a thrall into the grave and the zombie comes out a level 20 with all 3 perks. If you are getting a zombie with only 100HP you are doing something wrong.

Watch at 3:05 as this zombie comes fresh out of the grave with over 3k HP. Skip ahead to 3:51 and you will see that this is BY AND FAR his weakest zombie. (some over 10k HP.) So how are you reporting only 100HP on a zombie? Someone clearly isn’t being honest I think.

As for the lightning storm, I have no comment.

However, if you feel that these two spells are so bad, then it does not matter if the leather pouch is too expensive as you won’t want to cast them anyway. :woman_shrugging:

umm you know raises dead spell ? seems you don’t , there is spell that raise dead that is not part of shallow grave , go check on youtube spells and you will find it , they only have 100 hp , not the thrall zombie from bench

you wrong i would cast them if the cost match its power , right now cost more expensive that what it provide , read the post again please

My apologies. I misunderstood which spell you were talking about.

all good

I agree, generally spells are quite meh and rp only and the costs are not cheap on the long run. But some other spells are maybe even too much op… (the bat in a pvp server, the resource collector…)

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yeah sadly

We probably need a cost reduction for the item, just like any other Craft Station.

Give us an improved version with -25% cost applied, and a garrison version with -50% cost.

How do you get Sacrificial Blood in a Flask? I can’t find it online anywhere, so guessing it’s a new 3.0 item. Weathered Skulls seem like a pain if you are going to have to start mass farming them.

They probably need to rework the base cost, and adjust it down with the better stations.

Maybe instead of weathered skull, make it a powder. Stick Corrupt Bones into a Grinder to a powder, which would be more fitting for a pouch anyways.
Thick Leather isn’t too hard to obtain, so increase that a bit.
Sacrificial Blood, I dunno.

But if you get a 25% or 50% reduction station, you can make the 50% one cost a bit less than it does now, so it’s something to work towards.

What? Finally a use for my stacks of weathered skulls and you want to ruin it. All praise to Zath.

But seriously, how do you tell what you need to cast a specific spell? And how do you know how to cast it? I have added a fair number of spells to my book and have pouches I’ve looted from dead sorcerers, but no clue how to cast the spells or how to make pouches myself.

Staff to cast and alchemy bench for pouches.

Finally found the pouches in the alchemy bench. Of course I know about the staff, but still unclear on how to select a spell when casting.

EDIT: Ctrl or LMB button as Glurin pointed out below. To cancel probably the easiest is SPACE but ALT or C also work.

On the sacrificial altar there’s a recipe to put the blood in an empty glass flask. By the way, the altar won’t let you sacrifice anyone else if there is already unbottled blood in it.

Pull out your staff (your arcane staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and use it like you’re going to hit someone with a light attack.

Several stones will appear in front of you representing the various spell categories. Just point at the one you want and click. Navigate the menu until you find the spell you want to cast. If it requires a pouch, it will show the icon for it below the spell description.

This video showcases all the current spells if you’re interested in seeing it in action.

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