Feedback and ideas to magic


Hi Funcom and Gamers

First congrats to the Release of 3.0. In this Update are so much optimizations and
Fixes, good work so far. I’m looking forward to further updates.

Im a PVE gamer, i play every day several hours games and know a bit of good gampelay.
today i want to give feedback and my thoughts to the magic in 3.0.

Magic is fun, when you turn off the costs through pouches. This is the thing for me.
Your magic is fun, but the costs to do a ritual is much to high. The pouches are to expensive
and to heavy to lug them around. Especialy the leather bag, the “big” rituals are not so
strong or special. Its more like an scene change… but its also a cool thing.
Or the soul lights. This are a completly harmless cast, but its one of the most we do.
Its to dark as well and much to short. Otherwise a very good cast.

What makes magic strong and fun are the short self buff rituals like the light,
ressource collector, flying bat, windfall. more of this kind would be awesome.
Now im getting to the feedback section an stay short so as not to break the frame.

Ritual Casts and Costs:

No Pouches, its to expensive and to heavy. sacrificial blood instead, fits more to the topic.
Sorcerer will have blood 1-3 in dropped chests instead of pouches. More blood from sacrificials,
depends on thralls tier: T1-1 T2-2 T3-3 T4-10. Blood cost depends on ritual, suggest 1-3 blood.
Casting a ritual feels very long. The animation could a bit faster.

Feedback Magic:

Soul Lights: Should have much more range, like an torch and should stay much longer.
No Costs, its a totaly harmless ritual and this will be cast very much. To abort cast again.

Find ressources: See ressources and slightly get more efficency with your tools.

Ressource collector: its just to expensive, otherwise awsome fun.

Scenechanger: Like thunderstorm, zombie fog, darkness… its much to expensinve.
its been fun to change the state of a field to bring a bit more chaos to the fight.
but it should makes no dmg at buildings, its like more… troll the scene a bit.

Ideas for more and new magic:

Funeral Feast: Collect the corpes ressources in vicinity.
Raise Dead: Summon “weak” skeleton from corpse in vicinity up to 3.
Raise Horse: Summon an undead passing horse from a dead one.
Exhale Soul or Bubble Breath: Need no breath under water for 2 min.
Soul Sight or Glimming Eyes: Night vision. To abort cast again.
Soul Wanderer: Telepeorts u back to the nearest chalk circle. not when encumbered.

this is the first “prototype” i will expand it from time to time.
Sry for my bad english. Just push the thread when u like it.

best regards!


An aspect of X god that you have available would be an interesting one as well. Maybe like a lesser god form that allows increased damage without the use of a altar and T4 priest.

I haven’t cast a lot of spells yet, but I do agree about the pouch weights.

A sorcerer (one who casts spells at any regularity) probably can’t afford to put many stat points into Expertise because they need at least some Vitality and Grit so as to be able to function, and Authority to have a thrall fight for them. Or alternatively max Vitality and Grit so as to be able to engage in battle, as well as either Strength or Agility to do damage. Either way, can’t afford points into Authority, so carrying capacity is going to suffer. The sheer weight of those pouches is prohibitive unless you’re going on a specific mission and plan forward which spells you’re going to use.


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