Healing pot crafting speed is TERRIBLY SLOW

I queued up concentrated aloe extract (tier 2) healing pots to craft, logged off, came back in 3.5 hours and ONLY 19 pots were made. I had no thrall.

Even with a t4 thrall with 200% crafting speed, this is an INSANE amount of time to craft, I can’t even imagine how long tier 3 healing pots will take to craft. These numbers need to be cut by at LEAST 30%.

Yes, you can tell me to just craft more alch stations and get more thralls, but that’s like telling a diabetic he can still continue consuming high carbs and glucose while taking his metformin+glipizide.

This is REALLY bad especially for a PvP oriented map, and also makes absolutely zero sense from a PvP standpoint. I’m honestly pretty shocked it was shipped like this. The speed of crafting the best healing option (potions) should NOT take this long, especially since food is NOT a reliable pvp healing source anymore.


This is REALLY bad especially for a PvP oriented map

It only means you can’t spam heal anymore. Whether it’s bad or not is subjective. Running around in circles for 10 minutes, throwing punches until one of us runs out of food can be considered a pretty terrible experience as well.


Spam heal? How can you spam heal with an animation lock that nearly immobilizes you? They have already solved the spam heal problem, on top of nerfing food. Healing feels like its in a good place now. But taking hours to craft a few dozen healing pots? NEVER ok.

I have to agree Fenderes, crafting really sucks. Whether it’s pots, building, armor or whatever, it is taking waaaaaaay to long to craft items. I hope someone reads your post and passes it along to the right people.

Im lvl 35 now but still cant make extr.Aloe Potions at the Cauldron. Any Suggestions?

you might be playing the wrong game then, survival games have this timers for a reason :^)

I like they take a long time to craft. It gives weight and meaning to their existance. making you wonder is it worth healing or should I just survive? or should I guzzle down my supply?

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