War paint and purge is not working

My war paint won’t work and we had a full purge for 3 days plz help me

The purge is working I was hit by it it’s random doesn’t hit everyone that’s full. It randomly picks a full meter on server and attacks them. If you don’t build or farm it goes down over time. I play on Xbox as well so I’m assuming it would be same for your server as it is in mine.

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O and it only spawns at a certain time each day not all day long I believe it’s around 6 cst

Our server only has 1 clan and the purge meter has been at full for over 2 weeks and there has not been any purge.

We have been in the game during the time frame where the purge should strike, but nothing but crickets.

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War paint has been fixed after the most recent Xbox hotfix. The Purge still needs some improvements, and these will be rolled out to PC in a future patch, then consoles.

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Most people don’t realize that you need to double left click the warpaint to apply it, but yes we too have not had a purge since the game released.

Not on the Xbox. I just tested it. You need to have the war paint in your inventory. Select the war paint and then press the X button to apply the war paint.