War Torn Rhino Not craftable or spawnable with new DLC

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Region: Oceanic

I have purchased the new DLC and am unable to craft or spawn the new Wartorn Rhino. The game thinks I dont have the DLC so will not spawn in. I am able to play on the new map fine with no issues. Is this a bug or has this not actually been opened yet?

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1.Validated Files
2.Restarted Steam
3.Made sure pure vanilla no mods
4. Restarted new game still same issue.

It is being looked at:

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Thanks trying to get anything out the the discord at the moment is impossible. Is what it is day 1 bugs are a thing.

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Hey there,

This has been fixed with a backend update. It should be working as intended now.
Thanks for the feedback.

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This issue should be fixed with this hotfix. If the issue persists, you can post here:

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