War-torn Rhino not showing in DLC list

Game mode: In every mode
Type of issue: Pre Order DLC is not there
**Region: Europe/German **

Bug Description:

I have buy the Complete game at the 8.3.2021 but i haven’T the Pre- Order War-torn dlc.

Had this shortly yesterday, but it showed up again now.
May be after the free week ending, not sure. Did you check today to be sure ?

Yeah it was never be there. I thinked that i can’t craft it becouse Siptah is not released. I never know that u can craft it before it released.

Did you buy the game from steam? I think the majority of the people who don’t have the rhino showing up in their DLCs bought a key from one of those cheap websites. Funcom will probably ask you to prove that the purchase was done either via steam or via an authorized re-seller.

It is a Pre Order key. So it Should be no Problem if i buy it from a reseller or from somethere else.

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Not really, technically if Funcom confirms that you have bought a key from a shady website, they can even revoke that key and your access to the game (google it). So if you haven’t bought the key from steam or an official re-seller, there is a possibility that you have been scammed. Whether it is worth the risk for the few dollars you save, everyone can decide for themselves.

I bought Siptah on day 1 of early access last fall on PC, via Steam, and I don’t see it in my known recipes

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This is a different issue, op doesn’t see it in their DLCs at all. Those of us who got the key from steam see the rhino DLC in our DLC list in steam but currently we don’t see the recipe in-game as of one of the latest patches. The feat not visible in-game should be fixed, hopefully, soon. Reported here

I have get it as a Present so i CANN’T say there it come from. It should be a legit key.

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