Warpaint - Determination / Hyena Armor Bugged

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [North America]

Warpaint - Determination doesn’t give any Survival

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use Warpaint - Determination

Hyena Armor - Regardless of quality it only gives a max of +5 to Survival unlike every other mono stat armor which give +9.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip any grade (regular, exceptional, flawless)

So quickly went on my server to take a look at that.

First warpaints:

In fact, the determination warpaint is giving no stat bonus or whatever.
At the same time, determination isn’t realy a stat. I think we have more to look at it like a tribe warpaint, more for decoration purpose, and for the fun of it.
For my part i love especially the Forgotten Tribe one, but that’s realy up to each. :wink:

Now the so pretty Hyeana-armor.
This armor is very beautiful and still one of my fav in game since start.
But i was more focused now on the newer armors and didn’t check it realy since now.

So let’s see. I spawned all 3 version, and took some pics from the excellent and flawless version to show.
Each version is coming with slightly higher stats for my part.

here the excellent version :

and here the flawless one :

You can see the different stats.
This on my privat server, i hadn’t the time to make the same tests in SP yet.

“Support” isn’t a stat either but that warpaint grants +3 encumbrance. The Determination warpaint is under Functional Warpaints and thus should provide a stat bonus. It’s ‘supposed’ to give +3 Survival.

As for the armor, the OP is talking about the attribute bonuses, not the armor value.
A full set of regular Hyena gives +5 Survival, as does the Exceptional and Flawless sets. Those are supposed to give +7 and +9, respectively.


i agree in that, but there are many adjustments to be done still.

We don’t have any Vanir Settler armor other than the normal verion nor. It’s also bit strange.
For my part i love the hyena armor for the look, have so many stronger, or better armors now that i don’t realy care, that’s true. :blush:

Actually we can get the Exceptional version of all Vanir sets. You can get a T3 Nordheimer armorer at New Asagarth. The Flawless sets also exist but are only attainable through the admin panel or console.

(I spawned in the T4 Nordheimer armorer but he doesn’t even have the correct recipes.)

I really like the Hyena set as well!

Yes with thralls, have a collection of them, have a base at Skyholme, so…

But was the subject of an other tread, somebody wanting crafting, or learning them without and unable to do it. If i found the tread again, i’ll link it here.
But rl calling, have to run first.