Warpaints on thralls

Question: Is it intended that thrall utilize warpaints? I have noticed on PC live version that you can equip warpaints on thralls, but it seems that they don’t work for them. I have tested on multiplayer privat server with a vitality warpaint. The thralls max health didn’t change but I could see the warpaint on him.

It may be beacause attribute points given by certain armor pieces do not give thralls the attribute.

It will only work on player characters.

Armor values and dps differences from weapons do work as they should on thralls though.
Also the looks fo the armor of course.

So, warpaint is probebly handleded just like an armorpiece on thralls.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m curious if this works as intended or if it will change someday. Maybe thralls would get to strong when using armor and weapon buffs, too?

Same. On TestLive, thralls are not influenced by Vitality or Grit warpaints. They look to be only cosmetic at the bleeding edgetm, but I’m going to submit this is something they will add in later.

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the thrall do not have stats like we do. They do not have SAVAGE stats only player. But it would be neat if they did.

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