Tattoos for players and all thralls

Permanent tattoos that offer no buff. An example The Purple Towers war paint instead of being a war paint the player can make it a tattoo. our entire clan wears this war paint and a a matter of honor and does not cover the tattoo. I suggest a small buff (Keeps player warm) if worn and the player does not cover it, as the lack of armor value counter balances the small buff.

Non functional Warpaints schould not wear of, do they?
Also you can just equip warpaint to thralls by pressing the equip button while opening their inventory.

yes they wear off and crafting thralls can not have the war paint applied to them

could be, the 5 of us have been together a long time as we came from ARK to Exiles, that ans we are all family helps

Might I suggest using dye on your armours to show a uniform look…

if it is a private server you can use the mod fashionist. you can apply what ever warpaint as style (without effect and no expire time) with a free color selection.


I think it might be interesting jf NPCs had randomized non-functional permanent warpaints. Having more variance in how NPCs look is always good, and the warpaint system is already here.

So if you capture a carpenter with a warpaint, when you place them on the carpenter’s bench, you can see them working away with the warpaint still on them when you had captured them.

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