Cant equip thralls with wep/armor

My dancer also has two bags in her inventory labeled (left unarmed) (right unarmed) and my body keeps dissapearing after death.

You can throw those away and give her the gear you want her to have.

Am I missing something? The the thralls cant be “picked up” after placement, only moved. The dancers are not healing them (as far as I can tell) and the warpaint is buggy. Now when I move around (since the patch this morning) I just bounce up and down on all my buildings

Are you on console?
I know there’s a bug where thralls do not heal on consoles. On PC, they heal naturally once they stop taking damage.

But as far as I know, dancers are not supposed to heal other thralls, only players. I don’t think thralls can receive any kind of buff, therefore they wouldn’t get the Entertained buff from dancers.

This is normal.

War paint seems to work fine on PC, but we have to right-click to apply it. Something that can’t be done on consoles, thus it doesn’t work on consoles.

I haven’t noticed any of that bouncing, but I play on PC.

For Cosmetic Warpaint, we can double Left Click, too. Maybe double ‘whatever-their-use-button-is’ (I assume X), would work?

Not got the stat boosting paints, so I dunno if they’re different.

I think I tried that when I was testing it out with an Xbox controller. I may try again to be sure.

The stat boosting ones are applied the same way.

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