Dancer Thrawls stopped working

Game mode: [Online | Private Server MP]
Problem: Misc]

I have upgraded thrawl to level 3 and all of a sudden I am no longer getting heals. When I go into stats it says receiving 0%

I see lots of people are having this issue, most say pick it up and place it somewhere else, this has not worked.

Also someone suggested that you place it back into inventory and relog. How do you put it back into inventory??

Please help

Sounds like you’re on TestLive.

So the dancers ‘are’ still healing you, they just changed the way they work.
It says +0% to your regen and if you check your passive regen stat, you will indeed see that it has not increased.

But watch your health. They do still heal you. At 10 stacks of Entertained they heal me 1 HP every 3 seconds.
Entertained was also changed to cancel whenever you take damage.

I hope this helps!

Oh and for the last part of your post, you don’t. Thralls placed in the world cannot be put in your inventory. I think that person meant to use the radial wheel and select Move, to move where your thrall is standing.

Hey thanks for the reply.
No, there is no heal whatsoever, I have sat here for like 10 minutes watching my health bar. This was working last night, even when I leave thrawl at base and head off, I was still getting heal. It has stopped working

Hmm, weird. Could you post a screenshot? Of the stats screen, perhaps.

Even better, you can come watch my stream

I am a new user so cant post pics

Well, there are ways around that.

Damn, there’s a lot of people streaming this game.

lmao, I have just rebooted and it took a while but i am starting to get heals. I had better heals with level 1

With level 1 what?

lvl 1 dancer, and it was quicker to kick in as well.

All dancers heal the same amount.
Are you on the TestLive build?

To be honest, I dont know. I was playing SP, and a mate rented a private server, and we started. With my first thrawl it showed to % up to 50% heals for 10 stacks, and the heal was decent. So I presumed if I upgraded from lvl1 thrawl to lvl 3 it would be better, it was not

Gotcha. Well if you saw it saying 0% today, I think you are.

But no, all dancers healed the same amount. It was very bugged and could stack to insane heights, some people saw a passive regen rate of over 800. The highest I saw was 75 health per second.

This bug was fixed in yesterday’s TestLive build, which is probably why you now see less healing.

Here’s my bug report on the matter, just in case you’re interested.

Also, that regen percentage was never correct. It was a flat +0.25 healing per second at a stack of 10 Entertained, regardless of whether you had Fierce Vitality or not.

Ok thanks for that, I will let my other server members know. Freaking awesome game though :):grinning:

It is pretty sweet, just beware the millions of bugs.

Same problem with Performers. They treat nothing.

Saying 0% is fine. Your health should still be going up.
I get healed 1 HP/3 sec even though the buff says 0%.

That’s what I mean, that HP does not grow. Even +1.

Yay. They fixed the previous dancer bug and introduced a new one!

We noticed the same issue last night. Wheee. -_-