Warpaint - Grit

Could somebody please explain how this works

BEFORE applying warpaint - grit
Grit = 35
Stamina = 215
Bonus stamina from Grit = 105
Passive stamina regen = 99/s

AFTER applying warpaint - grit
Grit = 35 + 3
Stamina = 214
Bonus stamina from Grit = 114
Passive stamina regen = 98/s

The warpaint takes a lot of resources to make, and it looks like I’ve actually lost stamina as a result. Is it bugged? Or am I reading it wrong?

Actually it gets better. After I relogged the warpaint had disappeared, taking with it a load of grit that left me with less than I had before I started.

not bad… it’s been almost 3 months since the warpaints have been rendered useless by making it have a duration instead of permanent until death…

To have the grit bug be unnoticed for over 2 months shows how many people actually use warpaints these days.

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One thought:

As most people should know by now, if the hunger meter isnt circeled in green (=100%) the max amount of life is lower.
I think I have seen the same with stamina and thirst.

But yes, I dont use those warpaints neighter. Not with these costs. As Halycon said, they should be permanent until the user dies.

But I am one of those who never wear appropiate armor or consume heat/cold stuff in various areas.

Yes, permanent warpaint (until death) would be more useful. I unlearned warpaints as soon as I noticed that they were not permanent. At the moment, not even the stuff to remove it is useful, because it removes itself so fast.

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decorative warpaints don’t have a timer/durability on them, that’s what that stuff would be useful for, but who uses them anyways? ^^

making them wear of this quickly is annoying as hell, I don’t get why they made this change, it was fine before

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Funcom LOVES putting durations and countdowns on things that don’t need it :slight_smile: At least they’re occasionally open to removing those things again.

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