Wars of Calamitous! RP PvPvE & Factions!

Server name: Wars of Calamitous! Factions-PvPvE-light RP (July 9)
Direct connect IP:
5x XP & 5x Harvest

Wars of Calamitous is a Faction based PvPvE, Light RP server.

In Wars of Calamitous players are faced with the possibility of picking one of seven mighty Factions to join!
Build, expand & protect for your Faction in a fight for control and glory against opposing Factions!

There are 7 Faction cities around the map, each with its own safe zone (PvE). Several clans may be representing the same Faction and among them one shall be chosen upon merit to lead the Faction forward. Allied clans can work together to build Faction strongholds/forts to conquer lands, improve their Faction’s home city and fight opposing Factions! Remember that even though clans are allied, internal strife can appear and a fight for the right to rule may be initiated!

  • 7 Factions to choose from, each w/ unique structures and T4 building pieces !
  • Safe zones : spawn points, Trade City, Factions’ home towns
  • Arena events
  • Special events
  • Kits
  • 300 Levels including special perks
  • PvP w/ raid timers
  • New mobs!
  • New NPCs!
  • New items!
  • New recipes!
  • New workstations!
  • Portals!
  • Discord
  • Enhanced chat system: whispers, tabs, commands!
  • Currency system !
  • Active admins and a growing team to ensure a quality game time on Wars of Calamitous!
  • and more !!!

Fresh start July 9th!

Discord: https://discord.gg/96nrkp8