Server that has factions?

Is there any server that out there that forces people to be on a faction. Maybe 3 factions, in which you are all placed in the same clan and the three factions have to fight each other. The game always feels empty to me, abandoned buildings everywhere but if they were faction buildings it wouldn’t feel that abandoned.

Also most friendships you meet never transfer into anything, if you force everyone on a team like wow, alliance vs horde, you get a much more in depth team work experience.

there may be RP type PVP servers out there that do this. Have to shop around i guess.

You guys might be interested in this. While your bases are not 100% protected, it does allow for you to be involved in more of a game within a game and is extremely well ruled and much much fun. Come join us and give it a shot. I would suggest finding a clan for the full on experience. Always folks recruiting new players! The wipe happens tomorrow afternoon at 3EST. But you could jump in the discord and start looking for a clan now or bring your own clan! Hope to meet you there!

The problem with PVE-C servers is the amount of structures that get built then never destroyed, builds up. Once you pass a threshold on building pieces on any serer, no matter the strength of the hardware, the code breaks down and lag ensues as well as the *.db’s ability to put things back together in proper order and what not at restarts. This causes entire bases to end up mutilated to an extent. Something to keep in mind as you look for a server. A fresh wipe with fresh buildings is good for morale and replay-ability as well.

(Conquest And Glory) Wipe-10/11-SSD-10XHarvest-n-XP

Server Discord:

Conquest & Glory server is happy to once again start a new season of conquests! If your clan is into PvP with an inclination to prove its metal against other clans, come join the fun and take your blade to your enemy’s gut! We will be wiping on Friday 10/11 at 3 pm EST and starting a daily land claim Saturday afternoon 10/12 at 1 pm EST. You will be able to make a claim on a first come first serve basis. No clan has an advantage it is completely open to all to join. No mergers are allowed through the season, so don’t bother trying to claim and give to friends as all battles will be weighed in merit based on the combat that ensues. We welcome all who can play within the spirit of the rules and not just to the letter. Play well with others and work things out to lower the load on admins. Rules lawyering is not permitted and dealt with quickly. Building limits are in place to help keep server load down and health high!

With harvest rates at X10 and XP at X10 and LVL 60 Glory tools craftable, once you have lvl 60, things will quickly move to bloodshed! Come join the wars!

Want to be an arms dealer or a merchant, you can do that from within your warring clan. You are still part of the wars. While RP is encouraged it is NOT required. The politics and banter will be enough RP for most!

Hope to see all you barbarians in the wars to come, I always need a new throat to slit!

I like the idea of it.

Especially if said theoretical server had an application process to weed out the asshats like big guilds in MMORPGs (that actually RPd) did. This would totally need to be an RP thing.

I recently posted something similar; look for Historical Server for Serious Players.

We have Kingdoms that you join, which is kinda similar to Factions. Give it a look :smiley:

New Lordore RP PvP

Come and join our new, but populated server. If you aren’t happy with the drag of Officials, are looking to dive into something different with helpful rules and active friendly admins, this is the place for you. Once players who felt Officials were too harsh and intense but still loved PvP, we decided to create our own server that is fun and extensive.

Please feel free to join our discord for more information including Kingdoms, Roleplay and mod info. Speak with our friendly community and get stuck in.

(please be aware that we have a whitelisting system in place to protect our players)